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Doctoral Student Specializing in Chemistry and Biology (all subjects)

**SHORT NOTICE TUTORING: Science classes only please. **COURTESY FOR LESSONS: Please send your notes early, so I may properly prepare. I take my scoring as a tutor seriously, and like my students to be properly prepared. ______________________________________ Hi there, I'm Jo, and I am a doctoral student in Chemistry at Texas Tech University. **crowd goes wild** So be aware, it gets kinda crazy. Hmmm...Organic Chemistry. I know what you must be thinking...HUH?! Well, I love this fiel... [more]

Algebra 2

As a science person, math is something that just comes with the package. That being so I have always enjoyed Algebra just a bit more than Calculus or pre-calculus. I have tutored students and am tutoring students in Algebra 2. In understanding the different aspects of it, I have found great resources that have helped students succeed and understand the concepts. Each time I have tutored the subject, it has made my appreciation for the subject increase profoundly.


I have a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry with minors in Molecular Biology and Microbiology. Though I am not a straight Biology major, I have taken a substantive amount of coursework in Biology. My areas of preference are Biology 1 and 2, Virology and Immunology. I do have a minor in Microbiology and have taken courses in Medical Microbiology. I am currently studying Pharmacology on my own since it banks off a great many of other classes taken.


As an undergraduate I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry as well as a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. I have been a high school teacher of General Chemistry, as well as a Community College Instructor of General Chemistry. My Masters degree is in Organic Chemistry, but I have taught laboratory work in General and Organic Chemistry. Currently I am working on my doctorate in Organic Chemistry.


I have a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry with minors in Molecular Biology and Microbiology. For my Biochemistry degree I have taken Intermediate Metabolism, Genetic Engineering, Advanced Biochemistry along with the full year of required Biochemistry of the degree. Though at the time there was no minor, most of my course work for my minor in Molecular Biology leaned towards Virology and Immunology.


I graduated my undergraduate education with two degrees; one of my minors was in Microbiology with a heavy emphasis on Virology and Immunology. I was able to take courses (Immunology, Medical Microbiology, Virology, Virulent Pathogens) in this area due to my fascination of viruses and how they react within the human body. Though I did not take the full degree in Microbiology, I have LOVED the classes I have taken under this minor.


One of my undergraduate degrees was in Biochemistry with a concentration in Virology/Immunology. I have two minors that are due to that concentration in Molecular Biology, with the secondary in Microbiology. Due to my degree in Biochemistry, we had as part of our curriculum, Genetics. Also because of the degree curriculum mandated, I took Genetic Engineering, cell biology and bioinformatics.

Organic Chemistry

I am currently in my final semester of my doctoral studies. I specialized in Physical Organic Chemistry and Mechanistic Chemistry. Prior to my doctorate, I received my Master?s degree in Organic Chemistry at Texas A&M University ? Commerce. I specialized during my Master?s studies in Physical Organic Chemistry with a more specialized area known as Supramolecular Chemistry. The advisor I had for my Master?s degree was the same as my undergraduate degree. I dedicated seven years total in the field of Supramolecular Chemistry.


Pharmacology is an extension of biochemistry in some aspects but relates to the field I am currently in, the uses effects and mode of action of drugs is truly a field I relate to. I have self-taught in this subject for its amazing capabilities but also I have see that it relates to my undergraduate and graduate background quite easily. This is an amazing topic to learn and understand.


One of the requirements for nutrition is Biochemistry. With an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, I have gone past what most nutrition students need in understanding the inner working of the body's metabolism. This coupled with my minors in Microbiology and course work including Endocrinology. Understanding Biochemistry and its pathways is essential in order to understand just how the body can manage and process food.