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Samantha T.


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Duke Magna Cum Laude grad - effective, dedicated French/English tutor

As a graduate of Duke University with Magna Cum Laude honors and a double major in International Comparative Studies and French language, I have extensive experience with French, English, and writing. I have over nine years of French study in my background and a six-month study abroad in Paris in 2012. My senior honors thesis was about France and included primary research in the form of 18 interviews I personally conducted in France that I then translated to English to be included in my wri... [more]


My English vocabulary has greatly expanded throughout my life as I have been exposed to various forms of writing in a myriad of disciplines. I can help other students develop their vocabulary in a similar fashion, through the reading of advanced texts and practice exercises that put their new knowledge to good use.


Because I was exposed to and developed an understanding of correct English grammar at a very young age, I have grown up always speaking and writing with proper English grammar. I have a history of eloquent academic writing and my studies of multiple foreign languages have advanced my English grammar skills beyond those acquired during a basic primary school education through comparison and contrast. Correct grammar now comes naturally to me, which has granted me the ability to explain grammar concepts to students effectively so that they understand completely.


I have experience as a French tutor and have developed various teaching methods to work with students who have different styles of learning. French was my second major as an undergraduate and I have studied it continuously for over nine years. I can help students see the language and grammar concepts in different ways that will help them understand French on numerous levels. My lessons and exercises will address different aspects of French in order to help students grasp the language in its entirety.


Throughout my academic career, I have enjoyed and excelled in writing. My background encompasses writing in the Humanities and includes a 115-page senior honors thesis that was approved for distinction at Duke University and a 20-page research paper that was published in a Middle Eastern journal, as well as various other essays and blogs. I can help students find their voice in writing and improve their abilities pertaining to structure and organization.


My command of the English language has advanced considerably over time and I am able to help students advance their own by taking the time to understand their specific needs. As a strong writer and researcher, I have always excelled in subjects involving English. I will dedicate time to learning about students' individual needs in order to help them learn in the most effective way.


I have a strong background in linguistics and English reading and writing skills. I have taught English to children and university students in both Cairo, Egypt and the Marshall Islands in the past and was successful in helping them advance their English fluency. I have developed a great command of the English language through my writing, researching, and tutoring endeavors and am capable of assisting others in improving their English abilities.


I have spent time as both a copy editor and a web content editor throughout my academic career. I have also written numerous academic papers that have needed very little extra proofreading at the end of the drafting process since my skills in English punctuation and mechanics are already quite developed. I can act as a proofreader and I can teach skills in that area to students by reviewing what they already know and going more in-depth to fully understand the concepts behind English mechanics.


I developed rather advanced English-language skills at a young age and as I have advanced in my academics, my skills have progressed exponentially. I can identify spelling errors quickly and I can teach students the correct spelling not simply through memorization, but also through an understanding of spelling rules and how they relate to phonics and phonemics.

ACT English

My broad experiences with writing have equipped me with the skills and unique insight into the writing process and the English language. I published a research paper and wrote a 115-page senior honors thesis during my undergraduate career at Duke University. I am ready and willing to take the time to work with students one-on-one to discover their individual learning style and to create lessons based on their needs that will help them improve their abilities in English and test-taking.