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Speech Therapy for Accent Reduction, ADD Coaching and More

As a certified speech-language pathologist, I am certified to provide speech-language therapy to individuals of all ages. I specialize in working with those looking for help with accent reduction; transgender therapy (for speech/language/social etiquette/fashion styling); executive functioning skills (e,g, organizational/memory/time management/planning/academic and workplace skills); articulation disorders (e,g, speech sound delays); dysfluent speech (e,g, stuttering); language delays (e,g, ... [more]








I myself have ADD and a learning disorder and have learned through receiving ADD coaching myself in the past how to overcome many of the struggles that people with ADD encounter. The coaching transformed me from being a college dropout who couldn't hold down entry level jobs to a fully certified speech-language pathologist who now holds a Masters degree in Clinical Speech Pathology. As a speech-language pathologist who was worked in clinics, homes and schools with people of all ages, I have learned to combine my personal and professional experience to develop highly effective strategies for helping many people overcome the academic, organizational and time management challenges that can be faced when dealing with ADD and learning disorders.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I have been working as a board certified speech language therapist with the majority of my clients having Autism for over three years. The parents of the Autistic children I see have often requested me specifically because I work so well with their kids and have so much experience working with children with Autism. I also have a significant amount of experience teaching nonverbal children with Autism how to use Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC)devices.

Hard of Hearing

I have been providing in-home speech-language therapy services to many children with hearing impairments, including many bilingual Spanish-speaking families, for over two years. I document daily client progress and provide all clients with quarterly progress reports to assess their progress toward goals. I have often specifically requested by many parents due to positive impacts, rapport and bilingual skills. I also have over a year of experience doing similar work for a couple different clinics and have a BS in Speech and Hearing Science.


As a certified speech-language pathologist, I hold a Masters degree in Clinical Speech-Language Pathology and have 7 years of experience doing speech therapy. I have worked with all ages in clinics, homes and schools and specialize in helping people with accent reduction, transgender speech-language therapy and styling, and executive functioning skills for those with ADD and learning disorders. Se habla espanol.