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English Composition and Literature Tutor

Hello, potential students. I am looking for opportunities to share my expertise in English. I have an MA in English Literature and have taught composition and literature on the collegiate level. I love teaching students how to explore and express their own ideas in writing. As a teacher, I encourage student-led discussion and learning. As my student, I will help you develop your unique voice on the page.... [more]


I scored in the 96th percentile on the verbal section of the General GRE and have therefore demonstrated my extensive personal vocabulary. I also encourage my students to expand their knowledge in this area. However, I favor application of new terms over rote memorization.


I believe in teaching grammar within the context of a student's work and therefore, I avoid mechanical grammar drills as much as possible. Grammar study is most useful when it enables a student to reach his or her rhetorical goals.

Microsoft Word

I have been working with MS Word for over 15 years. Specifically, I worked as an assistant in my collegiate computer lab from 1994-1998, where I was trained to help other students with Word and many other programs. After graduation, I worked as an information technology consultant, billed as a Word expert to my clients, from 1998-2000. From 2000-2010, I continued to use Word to fulfill various volunteer roles as I raised my children. Most recently, my long-term knowledge of MS Word played a vital role in enabling me to complete my MA in Literature. I have a great deal of hands-on experience with Word and I am comfortable teaching others to use both old and new versions of the program.

Microsoft PowerPoint

I have been making PowerPoint presentations for over ten years, both for business and school. The most effective slides use minimal text and eye-catching graphics.


I have been trained to teach critical reading skills such as annotation, summary, and analysis. I have also been trained to teach advanced analysis within the context of rhetoric and composition.


I believe in a student-led, recursive writing process, which includes prewriting, drafting, revising, and proofreading. During revision, I focus on techniques that allow students to refine their own ideas. I avoid teacher-driven editing or "correcting" as much as possible.


I have an MA in English Literature. I have taught college composition and literature for two years. My area of specialty is post-colonial literature, but I am trained in the English canon.


During my MA, I studied canonical literature from Beowulf to contemporary works. My area of focus was post-colonial studies, particularly Nigerian literature, but I have been trained to perform literary analysis on any text from any era. I taught introductory literature classes for four quarters during my teaching assistantship.


In addition to my teaching experience, I have also served as a newsletter editor for corporations, volunteer groups, and educational organizations. When teaching students, proofreading is the last step in the composition process. Best to focus on ideas first, mechanics last.

SAT Reading

While studying for my master's degree in English Literature, I learned to read quickly for maximum retention and comprehension. As a graduate teaching assistant, I also learned to teach students how to read actively and critically in order to enhance their own knowledge and understanding. The SAT tests these learned reading skills in a controlled, timed setting.

SAT Writing

In an essay exam, the SAT administrators are testing for coherent structure, idea development, effective use of evidence, and proper grammar. I can teach you how to brainstorm, draft, revise, and proofread your exam essay in the time allotted. The most successful essay writers take a stance on the issue presented, and I can teach you persuasive argumentation as well.


Like other standardized tests, the SSAT has its own format and function. Regarding English studies, the test measures vocabulary, reading comprehension, and composition skills. I have tutored students in all of these areas with excellent results.


The best way to increase spelling skills is to read, read, and read. Words stick with students when they learn them in context. Therefore, to work on spelling, I also work on vocabulary and reading comprehension with my students.

ACT English

Study Skills

Throughout my teaching experience, I have taught study skills by encouraging students to organize their work, to work ahead, and to allow time for review and revision. I am particularly trained to teach students to read critically for enhanced comprehension and retention. My proven methods include annotation, summarization, and active reading, all vital study skills that can and should be applied across the curriculum.