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Friendly Australian Ivy League English Business Law Tutor

I am a friendly Australian professional who has taught many young and mature age students in Australia, China, and the USA since 2005. I care about my students and apply active and facilitative learning principles in my lessons to help students change theory into practical principles. I believe learning should be memorable and fun--no matter what level of learning is sought by a student. I have four degrees from Ivy League Universities in Australia and have successfully taught business, cros... [more]



Ever wondered why a particular piece of writing was given to you? Perhaps the message was important and yet you missed a valuable piece of advice simply because you did not properly read what was written. If you, like so many people, have misread important information then you need me to help you learn and apply reading strategies to enhance your reading abilities (and grades). I have read and worked through all types of academic, business, legal, and government documents and taught my students to successfully understand what has been written--in class and in the workplace!



I love geography because we live in such a diverse and interesting world. This important subject is not just about the place names of capitals and countries--its about exotic cultures and fascinating rituals and practices. It is also about differences in cooking and history; wars and civilization building; friends and foes. I have traveled and worked in many countries and am a student of several languages. Let's settle down for some real entertainment and enjoy the high grades earned through fun learning. By the way, I do like a coffee with my croissant when I teach this engaging subject...


Some have said that the early American revolutionaries threw the English Dictionary into the Boston Harbor along with the tea! While I find such a notion quite funny, in some ways I would have to agree. Despite there being differences in spelling between American and English words, the basic tenet of the English Language still needs to be understood by anyone who wants to appear educated and professional. While I will not seek to change the way you hold your fork, I will improve your command of the English Language through fun exercises and active presentations. Now, did you also know that scones in the USA are quite different to the ones they serve in Australia... :)


One of the most memorable times I had teaching ESL to my students was in Hangzhou, China, when I helped each new student to chose an English name. I identified many historical people in English history and literature and briefed individual students on why I thought they would be a great 'George' (Washington) or a 'Mary' (Poppins). I had so much fun and drew upon what I understood of each character named and the characteristics of each respective student in front of me. Of course, several students wanted the same name after my enactments and descriptions and then I reverted to my football umpiring skills!

World History


I have a Juris Doctor/Bachelor of Laws, a Master of Laws, and have practiced law as an attorney. The most challenging moment for me teaching law was to some 80 adult accounting students who had been working all day and were expecting to learn criminal law from me in the evening hours. They were tired and had (previously) thought law and regulations would be boring--WRONG! I split the class into male and female sides and handed out a crossword puzzle and both sides competed for the highest score. I had never heard accounting students laugh so much and quickly realized that the whiteboard could get knocked over in all the excitement... who said law could not successfully be taught to tired students?! (Yes, I have a written reference that includes this incident.)



Business is not only about making money--it should also be fun and memorable for all the right reasons! Not only have I completed business studies in my Master's of Management, Juris Doctor, and Master of Law degrees, but I have taught business and management college subjects in Australia and the USA. I also have successfully started and developed businesses of my own and helped others develop their own businesses.

Career Development

Not only have I completed career development modules in my Master of Management (Organizational Behavior), but I have also advised students in Australia, China, and the USA about career choices and professional development. I also have successfully developed an international business career which has drawn many requests for advice (and help) from people online.


There is so much to learn about Marketing-- it can make you stand out from all the other job applicants, and it can dramatically boost your Brand; it can also bring the mighty to their knees when not applied properly! Not only have I studied Marketing and Corporate Strategy subjects in my Master of Management program, but I have also applied Marketing principles to attract businesses and clients to my services in Australia, China, the USA, and online. I also have successfully developed an international referral business because of my skills in Marketing, which is evidenced with my Linkedin Profile being in the Top 1% Most Viewed.


Not only have I completed social science subjects and study in my Government and Public Administration Honors (Division I Class II) degree, but I have worked through sociological (and political science) work at the graduate level in my fourth year (stated in my US Assessment Course-by-Course Evaluation Report). I have also incorporated Sociology in my teaching of Ethics, Business, Law, and Economic subjects.

Criminal Justice

I have practiced law in the private and public sectors in Australia and I have two US Evaluations of my Australian qualifications that state that I have the following: Juris Doctor/Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts (Government and Public Administration), Master of Management, and Master of Laws. I have recommendations and college references that attest to my excellent teaching record and I have just received my Substitute Teaching Permit for k-12 students in Michigan. I also have a graduate certificate in Assessment and Training and I enjoy helping my students grasp legal concepts that really aren't that difficult to understand--especially when they are taught using active learning principles!