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Programming & Math Tutor

If you are looking to learn programming languages to boost your career in Microsoft technologies, I can definitely help you achieve that goal. I am a Software Engineer with 9 years of professional experience working in Microsoft Technologies, not limited to (Visual Studio, ASP.Net , .Net , C#, VB.net , JavaScript/JQuery , JAVA, HTML,CSS , Sql Server, T-SQL, PL/SQL). I also teach Algebra, and Mathematics in general. Other tutoring passions are teaching Math and Statistics. I'm equally passio... [more]

Algebra 1

Microsoft Excel

General Computer

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint





Elementary Math

Web Design

I have been a web developer for more than 5 years and have done so many projects professionally. Web technologies are my core area of expertise and have taken web technologies in my undergrad and grad school classes. I am very well versed in web technologies in general but ASP.net is my career technology.


I have done quite a few projects in ASP.Net technologies while in my undergraduate studies and did two full professional web applications in ASP.net for my Master Degree. Beside that, I have 5 years of experience in Microsoft technologies.


I started learning C++ in my second semester in BS in software engineering. I loved C++ programming. I have built various different projects e.g. Airtime system, file management and other small projects. I like the fact that i have control on my hardware resources like memory management, etc.


C language is the first language I learned and I do love programming in C. I do small level projects in C and have taught it for more than a year. The flow of teaching it consists on 10 chapters and I will be able to teach the course within one month. or 30 hours. We will start small project from the first week.

Computer Programming

I embarked on my programming career while I was high school. It's always been my passion to learn and teach programming in different languages like C#, java, C++. Since then I have build more than 20 projects ranging from small to mid size using various programming environments. I teach programming in a way where you will enjoy it doing it yourself.

Computer Science

I started my computer science career when I was in my high school. Since then, it has been my passion to learn and learn and teach them to others. I graduated in Software engineering and pursue my higher studies, I did my master in Computer science. I have been teaching computer science in general for over 3 years now. I am a professional software engineer in a private organization in DC developing their enterprise applications. Teaching Computer and Math has always been my favorite.

Microsoft Access

Database design and development is another core of my career and I do it on daily basis. I manage data and design database from the scratch, normalizing it and storing data. I have worked with MS Access, SQL server and Oracle.


C# is my career language for over 3 years by now. I use it on my daily job developing desktop and web applications with other Microsoft technologies. I have built various projects ranging from desktop to web platform. I have built Chat messenger in C#. I used it for web development with ASP.NET, its my main career language and have taught to my colleagues and classmates over past two years. I love teaching C# and programming in general.