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Larry C.


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Computer Science and Mathematics professional

I am an Information Technology professional with over forty years of experience in programming, analysis, operations and database administration. I am proficient with most Microsoft Office apps and familiar with math subjects including algebra, geometry, trigonometry and logic. I also am familiar with basic chemistry, biology, physics, American history and most other standard high school and elementary level subjects. I have been a Florida resident for over twenty years and am available for ... [more]

Algebra 1

I completed multiple high-school and college level coursework in algebra and other advanced math subjects. Additionally, my career has required developing algorithms with complex equations and logical tables.

Algebra 2

I completed multiple high-school and college level coursework in algebra and other advanced math subjects. Additionally, my career has required developing algorithms with complex equations and logical tables.

American History



Microsoft Excel

Familiar with all basic Excel aspects such as cell formatting and formula definition as well as intermediate functionality such as conditional formatting and VLOOKUP.

General Computer

I am experienced with multiple programming languages including Cobol, Java, C++ and SQL. I am familiar with most Windows operating systems as well as midrange and mainframes.


Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint







I am familiar with Java syntax and object-oriented design and have mentored multiple students with their projects. I also have some experience with different IDEs including NetBeans.



SAT Math



Expert in complex SQL object creation/modification, query, data manipulation and stored procedure under multiple database engines including SQL Server, Oracle and Access. Proficient with Oracle and SQL Server scripting languages (PL/SQL and T-SQL, respectively). Familiar with SQL Server advanced applications (SSIS, SSRS, etc.)



SAT Reading

SAT Writing

Physical Science


ACT Reading

ACT English

ACT Math

Elementary Math

Elementary Science


I have extensive experience (30+ years) in program analysis and design. In excess of ten years of that has been with object-oriented design and programming in Java, C# and C++. I have frequently mentored junior programmers and am expert in analyzing code listings and output to identify syntactical and logical errors in programs.


I have extensive background in COBOL program development with numerous clients, primarily on IBM mainframes. My experience includes COBOL 68, COBOL 72, COBOL 2002 and MicroFocus COBOL. I am proficient with table handling, internal sorts, ReportWriter and embedded coding (IMS, DB2 and CICS) as well as TELON and CSP code generators. I am also familiar with most basic compiler commands and proficient with most file handling commands (VSAM, ISAM, etc.)

Computer Programming

I have over 40 years experience in programming, design and analysis. This has included extensive development in COBOL and JCL as well as light to moderate development in Java, C++, REXX, Visual Basic, T-SQL, and PL/SQL. I have experience in top-down, modular, structured and object-oriented programming/design methodologies. More importantly, I know how to design and code sustainable applications that won't be a headache to maintain years down the road.

Computer Science

I have over 40 years training and experience in various aspects of IT. This has included operations, programming, systems analysis, quality assurance testing, database administration and project management. I have worked on a number of platforms including various IBM mainframes, AS400 midframes and various Windows-based standalone and networked applications. I also have light experience in web-based and cloud computing.


I have worked on Windows-based PCs for nearly 20 years as well as 2nd-generation DOS-based mainframe operations. I am familiar with basic file structures and batch scripts of moderate complexity in a Windows environment.

Microsoft Access

I am familiar with creating tables, queries and forms via the various Access creation wizards. I am also an expert in direct creation and modification of the underlying SQL code of queries via the SQL View window, including inner and outer JOINs and UNIONs. I am also familiar with import and export of table data via XML, Excel spreadsheets, and CSV text files.

Microsoft Windows

I have worked with various versions of Windows from 3.1 thru Windows 10. I am experienced in creating batch execution files, scheduling standard maintenance tasks such as defrag and backup, and familiar with standard Windows and Office applications.


I have extensive experience in SQL-based database engines including Oracle 9i, 10i and 11i. I am expert in adhoc creation of complex SQL queries and proficient in PL/SQL coding of stored procedures, triggers and jobs. I have moderate experience with typical DBA tasks including backup/recovery, tuning and log file switching.

Visual Basic

I have moderate experience with Visual Basic 6, 6.0 and .NET programming amounting to about 5 years hands-on experience in all. This has included ODBC database connectivity and moderate application building. I also have experience with multiple versions Visual Studio.


I have a solid background in Java and some light exposure to JavaScript in my career. Over 40 years working with various programming languages give me expert ability in creating efficient computer algorithms. A former Java student of mine recently contacted me with a problem in JavaScript he had and I was able to analyze his code and point out his error in less than 15 minutes.