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Joel B.


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Tutor for General Biology on the High School or Undergrad Level

I am a lover of biology with a Master's degree in Applied Molecular Biology. I have an educational background in basic chemistry, organic chemistry, genetics, molecular biology, microbiology, and other areas of general biology. My main area of expertise is in genetics and molecular/cellular biology. As a graduate student, I was able to work as a teaching assistant for two genetics classes. I primarily worked one on one with students who had questions or didn't understand the concepts b... [more]


I have a bachelor's degree in general biology and a master's degree in applied molecular biology. I worked as a teacher's assistant during graduate school and have worked with students one on one often. I greatly enjoy helping others understand the wonderful world of biology!


During my bachelors and masters degrees in biology, I took many Chemistry classes. I needed a solid understanding of chemistry, both inorganic and organic, in order to fully comprehend the more advanced aspects of biology. Relevant classes I took include Basic Chemistry 1 + 2 + labs, Organic Chemistry 1 + 2 + labs, and Biochemistry.

Physical Science

During my bachelors and masters degrees in biology, I needed a solid understanding of physical sciences such as Chemistry and Physics. I took several relevant classes including Basic Chemistry 1 + 2 + labs and Calculus-based Physics 1 + 2 + labs. I also have a general interest in all aspects of physical science and like to share my knowledge about them.


I have a strong background in molecular biology and have taken college courses in many specific areas across this subject. I have had multiple jobs working in microbiology and molecular biology labs in my career.


My educational background has included a genetics course and a genetics lab, as well as several courses that build on the foundation of genetics. During my graduate studies, I was also a teaching assistant for a genetics lab as well as a genetics course for non biology majors.