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Mary R.


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Experienced English Teacher - Professeur de francais bilingue

I am a certified High School and Junior College teacher with 18 years of experience in France and 6 years in tutoring. I enjoy offering conversation and language improvement lessons in English and French. I was Communications Manager for an international organization in Monaco for 11 years. I am personally interested in individuals and their educational needs, and I use lively interactivity to maintain interest and boost my students' confidence.... [more]


I have taught the 'Wordly Wise' High School vocabulary method with excellent results. Vocabulary enrichment is one of my favorite pastimes and is a lot of fun... And what a wealth of vocabulary the English language presents! Latin root words provide groups of related words stemming from nouns which are then developed into verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Looking up vocabulary words can help you to learn many synonyms and antonyms; so instead of learning ONE word, you are learning many more.


I learned a lot about analytical Grammar in European Universities (in France and Germany). I taught comparative English and French Grammar for 19 years. Understanding the technical foundations of sentence structure adds a great deal of meaning to literary works and is very useful in translation work.


Practical sessions with student specified goals : interaction at the airport, train station, hotel, restaurant or asking directions. Years of living abroad and personal travel experience with Air France and TWA make my input rich and varied.


I am a Duke graduate with a European Masters degree in English and French literature, language and grammar. I excel in reading comprehension and enjoy finding deeper meaning in texts.


With 18 years of formal teaching and 2 years of tutoring, I have confirmed experience in sentence and paragraph structure as well as logical thought development. I was publications proofreader (in English and French) for an international organization in Monaco, so I have a definite eye for detail.


I enjoy helping my students improve their reading and writing skills on texts having to do with current news events. Once this has been prepared, I encourage them to defend their point of view and personal opinions orally, even debating with those of opposite tendencies.


As a university student, I was passionate about the different schools of literature and how they were affected by the concurrent philosophical and artistic tendencies. Literary analysis adds greatly to our understanding and appreciation of novels, plays and poetry.


For 11 years I worked in an international organization based in Monaco, The Crans Montana Forum. I enjoyed proofreading all sorts of documents, news articles and summaries before they went to the printer's or were put online. Years of teaching also make errors very evident to me immediately.

SAT Reading

I have taught Reading comprehension in High Schools for the SAT and Baccalaureate. Vocabulary enrichment is often the path to the most successful sentence completion test. I help the student fine-tune his skills in interpreting information and evaluating the effects of the language used.

SAT Writing

I have 20 years of experience in SAT and Baccalaureate writing. I help my students analyze and improve their sentence and paragraph structure. For essay writing, we work on the logical development of ideas and clear personal opinions and experiences - always keeping to the topic. I enjoy making this work interesting for my students and have had very good results with them.


I taught ESL to French students for 18 years and had good success in helping my students to improve in all four of the tested sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. It was a pleasure to see students advance from basic language structures to interaction in practical situations of everyday life.