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Educational Specialist; K-12 education/special ed.

Welcome back to the 2018-19 school year! I hope summer break was relaxing and that you are excited to start another school year. Are you, or your parent, concerned about your progress from the previous school year? Would you like to jumpstart this next year and get ahead on learning new skills, building previous skills, developing or honing organizational skills, and being successful at time management? If so, school year tutoring is for you! I have fun engaging, entertaining, lessons t... [more]

American History


I hold a minor in Biology and have taught the subject during my career.




As a special education teacher I have used a number of programs to improve reading and math skills. Read Naturally, Language!, Phonics, and AimsWeb are just a few that I have used to build skills in all areas of reading. I also have a variety of math programs and study skills all designed to increase retention of new concepts and build calculation skills.




I hold a minor in psychology as part of my educational major and have used many of the principals in psychology over the course of my teaching career. I know I could help you understand this material in a relevant way.


Physical Science




ACT Science

I have been a high school science teacher for 20+ years and have administered the ACT science test for years. I have tutored students in ACT prep, practice and taking of the exam. I teach students the keys to understanding the ACT questions and how to approach taking the test for greater success.

Elementary Math

I have taught in a K-8 building for years and have worked with a wide range of students with various math skills. I am very confident that I am able to help your children succeed in math.

Elementary Science

Elementary (K-6th)

I currently hold a Michigan Teacher Professional Certificate in K-12 special education in both Emotional Impairment and Learning Disabilities. I have taught in a K-8 building for 15 years and have worked with all ages of elementary students (general education and special education). I have raised 4 children of my own and worked with them to improve their skills in all subject areas.

Study Skills

As a special education teacher of 20 years, I run a class of just study skills on a daily (yearly) basis. In this class we explore a wide variety of study skills and spend time using each to find out what is effective for each student. We use computers, social media, flash cards, etc. I discuss study skills and what each one targets so kids can begin understand why they might learn better with one method over another.

Special Needs

I have been a special education teacher for 20 years and have worked with every disability found in the public school setting. I have a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in working with students with disabilities and hold a BS of Ed., and a Masters Degree in Learning Disabilities.


I hold a Biology degree and have course work hours in Zoology. I am able help students with taxonomy, identification, anatomy, physiology, and other areas of zoology. I know invertebrates, vertebrates,adaptation, classification, and other areas such as reproduction, endangered species, extinct species, the animal kingdom classifications, etc. I have knowledge of ecology, microbiology, and other areas that interact with zoology.


I hold a Bachelor's of Science degree and have had many hours of coursework in all science related fields; including Botany. I am currently a high school Biology and Chemistry instructor.

Career Development

I have been a special education teacher for 20 years and over the course of time I have helped many students work on their career development plans. We start them in 7th grade and they continue through HS. I use career cruising as part of developing their EDP files and feel confident I can assist in this area for anyone who needs it.


I have been a special education for 20 years and have worked with ADD/ADHD kids very successfully. I have a vast amount of knowledge in the area of ADD/ADHD and am very adept at helping students with ADD/ADHD be successful in the school setting.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I have been a special education for 20 years and have worked with many Autistic students in that time. Being in public education, I have worked with Autistic students for many years. I have a diverse set of strategies and skills that help these students find success in the school environment and I am very qualified to tutor this type of student.


I have been a special education teacher for 20 years and have worked with Dyslexic students in my classroom. I have a wide range of strategies that I employ to help these students be successful in the general education setting. Things such as reading with the student (paired reading), using different colors when writing, using a calculator for math, flash cards, rehearsal of vocabulary, etc. A wide variety of methods are employed to help the student find success.


I hold a Biology degree and have coursework hours in the area of Genetics. It is also a unit covered in our 6th and 7th grade science classes which I have team-taught for 15 years. I am the lead teacher on this unit.


I am a former collegiate Track & Field athlete who continues to lead an active lifestyle. I have coached cross country, track & field, and volleyball for over 20 years and offer private lessons in running, jumping, hitting, serving, and plyometrics. I am able to provide you with a tailor made workout routine, lifting program, stretching routine, etc. in order to bring you to a new level of fitness. Contact me and let me show you how fun and easy it is to get into shape!