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Experienced Tutor with an Electrical Engineering degree

I am a new tutor to this website, but I have been tutoring and helping others for years on my own. I would be happy to provide references to anyone who needs them. My love for the subject of math, physics, and teaching comes from a lifetime of studying the subjects and realizing how useful they can be in understanding everything in the world around me. I enjoy helping others realize their own potential, and I have yet to find a student that I could not help understand the material they ask... [more]

Algebra 1

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering. I have excelled at math all my life. I have been tutoring independently for the last 10 years and have never met a student that I could not help better their grade to an A or a B. I have made an A in every math class I took in college except Calculus 3 where I made a B+. I have tutored at all levels of math up through Calculus 2 in the past with plenty of ease. Physics is also a very strong subject of mine that I have always understood very well and that I have a lot of experience tutoring.

Algebra 2

I have tutored Algebra 2 to many students in the past with great success. I have an Electrical Engineering degree and have always found it easy to understand and teach math to others.


Calculus can be very challenging and fun at the same time. I have tutored Calculus to many students in the past with great success.


I have tutored Geometry to many students in the past with great success. Geometry and shapes have always been easy for me to understand because of my love of the art of origami. It has allowed me to visualize shapes and angles in my head in 3 dimensions. This allows me to teach others to look at problems from multiple angles and better understand how to solve these problems.


Physics is one of my favorite subjects because it simply explains how the world works. It is very easy to come up with real world examples to explain problems in this subject. I have found that relating a problem to real world scenarios makes it easier for a student to understand. I have tutored Physics to many students in the past with great success. I have an Electrical Engineering degree and have always found it easy to understand and teach to others.



Precalculus is just the basics of the more advanced Calculus 1, 2 & 3.


Trigonometry is simply an extension of Geometry that focuses more on angles, Sin, Cos, and Tangent. This along with every other math topic has always been a strength of mine and I have helped many students understand how and when to use the various trig functions to solve a problem.

SAT Math

Knowing how to eliminate possible answers quickly, knowing which problems to skip and come back to, and which problems to solve immediately can make all the difference on an SAT score. I scored almost perfect on the math portion of the SAT both times that I took it.

ACT Math

Just like the SAT math portion, I did very well on the ACT portion, and I have a wide array of strategies that I can teach others to maximize their score on the ACT while minimizing any wasted time and errors.

Discrete Math

I studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. One of the many classes I took was discrete mathematics and received an A in that course. I am very good at math, and even though it has been years since I have taken that course, I have been tutoring students in all levels of math independently since I left college and have never met a student that I couldn't help.

Linear Algebra

I took many math classes at UT while studying for my degree in Electrical Engineering. Linear algebra is just one of the many math subjects I am very comfortable with and should have no problem teaching.


I took many logic classes while I was studying for my Electrical Engineering degree and found them all very easy. My digital logic design class, for instance, and my discrete mathematics class both had a lot of logic problems and I made an A in both of those classes.