Elizabeth J.

Elizabeth J.


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Specializing in Reading and Writing.

Please NOTE: I work with students within a 15 mile radius of Eaton's Ferry. I have experience in helping hundreds of students reach their potential. As a certified teacher in four states, I taught students in public schools in Virginia, New Hampshire, and North Carolina. Most of my teaching in North Carolina has been in Wake County, where I taught for 12 years. Currently I am certified in North Carolina in three areas: general education, special education, and hearing impaired eduction. I ha... [more]



Helping students with reading after school, was how I began my career. I had studied at several colleges and under a master teacher at the school where I tutored. Then I became a full-time teacher and continued to learn everything I could about reading, including teaching reading to deaf students (by studying at Gallaudet, the deaf college) and to learning disabled students (mentored by the director in a very large school system). Next I worked for American Learning Corporation and learned techniques for teaching reading on all levels to all abilities. I used all I learned from classes, workshops, teaching, and research on my own (including how the brain works) in order to teach all I worked with how to read. Later student teachers learned from me. Now I just love to freedom to teach children to read the way each one learns.




Elementary Math

Elementary (K-6th)

I taught students in grades K-12. Areas and subjects taught include: academic listening skills, receptive and expressive language, reading (phonics, vocabulary, and reading comprehension), math, spelling, writing and oral comprehension in all subjects. I hold a current teaching certification in NC, where I taught in elementary, middle, and in high schools for 13 years; and expired licenses in New Hampshire and Virginia, where I taught in elementary and middle schools for five years. Over the years, I have used a variety of approaches and material in teaching and therefore I have been able to choose or combine the methods that best suited my students? learning styles. Testing results indicate that all of my students made at least reasonable progress for their abilities and many made exceptional progress. Also, I worked full-time for eight years in a national learning center (Britannica Learning Center), and a private learning center (BrainWorks). Both provided diagnostic testing and individualized instruction for children and adults in reading, writing, math, study skills and test-taking (including SAT) skills. BrainWorks also provided instruction in science. At those centers I designed, implemented and evaluated all learning and developed specific programs to meet each student?s needs.


Since I worked teaching language and reading to hearing-impaired and other special education students, as well as English-as-a-Second-Language students (I'm also ESL certified), I've taught phonological skills to many students. I also worked at a Britannica Learning Center and taught phonics as part of the tutoring program in reading.

Study Skills

I taught study skills at BrainWorks learning center for several years as well as incorporated study skills in lessons when teaching in public school. Study skills I have taught include: exploring personal learning styles, active listening, improving memory, time management, effective study habits, note taking, study aids (flash cards, graphic aids, mnemonics, etc.), and test taking skills. I teach the skills as I'm teaching reading or math; although I can teach them separately.


I have been a certified special education teacher in North Carolina (for 13 years), New Hampshire and Virginia. I have taught students with difficulty with phonological awareness and phonological decoding, auditory processing, processing speed, auditory and visual memory, receptive and/or expressive language, making sense from print, and/or attention. Some of the students had dyslexia. Some were called learning disabled, developmentally delayed, language impaired, or other such terms. I have helped students improve their memory, phonological processing, language, and other skills needed to be a successful reader. I have always helped the students overcome or work around their difficulties, no matter the cause or current label (people use the label dyslexia to mean different things). Working in public schools, I used skill assessments to develop educational reading goals and individual lessons, taught the skills needed to meet the goals, monitored the students? progress and adjusted my teaching to increase their progress. They all improved in reading. I worked full-time for eight years in a national learning center (Britannica Learning Center) and a private learning center (BrainWorks). At both centers, parents paid me to provide diagnostic testing and individualized instruction for children in reading and other subjects. Some of the students had dyslexia or the reading difficulties commonly attributed to dyslexia. At BrainWorks, in New Hampshire, special education directors paid to send a few special education students to the center for instruction either during or after school. They did this because I was good at working with difficult cases. I?ve always found the different ways children?s brains process information fascinating and my teaching reflects that.

Hard of Hearing

I am certified by the state of North Carolina to teach hearing impaired students. I have held certifications in VA and NH. I worked as a teacher of hearing impaired students for 14 years.