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Certified Educator with Masters, Tutoring 3rd Grade Through College

My experience teaching & tutoring students of all ages in a wide variety of subjects can be your advantage! As an experienced classroom teacher, I'm certified in Texas to teach general subjects in 4th through 8th grades & all-levels English as a Second Language and music, and I've successfully collaborated with special education colleagues to assist many students with learning disabilities & other needs. As I'm a certified professional educator in Texas, you are assured that I have been finge... [more]

Algebra 1

Since I was a child, my intuition about numbers, quantities, and mathematical relationships was evident. As I grew & learned, it was obvious that I easily understood algebraic & other mathematical principles. My course averages in algebra were among the best in my class, I gained a reputation as the one who would finish tests first, and my SAT Math score came out in the top 6% nationwide. College algebra courses then synthesized my command of basic operations & expanded my knowledge of higher operations. In business, I have constantly applied my knowledge of algebra toward making complex mental computations, formulating financial strategies, and solving a variety of problems quickly. This background has enabled me to assist many middle school, high school, and college students with algebra through tutoring & classroom support.

Algebra 2

A long time mathematician, I exhibited unusual talent from an early age, excelled in algebra during high school, scored in the top 6% on the SAT math section, and further developed my algebra skills in college. Throughout various careers, I have effectively applied my algebra skills toward streamlining my work. I have since used my knowledge of the K-12 math curriculum & current best instructional practices to successfully tutor many elementary, middle school, high school, and college students in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, improving their algebraic thinking & preparing them well for higher mathematics

American History



Microsoft Excel

European History

General Computer


I exhibited talent in math from an early age & remember grasping mathematical concepts quickly & easily. In high school geometry, I immediately realized that the logic, proofs, relationships, and processes easily made sense to me, and I earned a high average without special effort. When I took the SAT, my math score was in the top 6% in the nation. Though not a math major in college, I nonetheless continued my math study & deepened my command of the logic, processes, and practical applications of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and statistics. I have since used my talent & knowledge in geometry to perform my job functions, beginning with my first professional job as a surveyor's assistant. Surveying being a practical application of geometry, I performed that job exceptionally well & learned much from the surveyor. Since becoming a teacher, I've tutored math students of every age & level of development, and my knowledge of the math curriculum has enabled me to help students progress efficiently from arithmetic, through algebra, to geometry, trigonometry, and beyond.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint


As a certified middle school generalist, my greatest strength is preparing students for high school academics - particularly mathematics. Besides growing up gifted in math, I excelled in high school algebra & geometry, and my college training included linear algebra, business analysis, physics, and statistics - all of which require command of algebra. In my teaching career, I studied the middle school & high school math curriculum very closely, and helped prepare many 6th & 7th graders for high school algebra.



Literacy affects student performance in every subject, so my varied reading experience in every subject, superior analytical skill, uncommon reading comprehension, advanced training in teaching English literacy in all subjects (grades K-12), my knowledge of all content areas, and my experience teaching & tutoring emerging readers through high school & college prepare me well to assist both young readers & students of all ages who wish to increase their reading skill. As a former middle school teacher with ESL training & experience, an all-subjects substitute teacher, and a general subjects tutor who enjoys helping students perform better, I possess the background, experience, advanced training, and desire to help students read better. My special skills include up-to-date best practices in evaluative & instructional techniques, and I excel at understanding classroom teachers' plans & strategies, which enable me to know how to best reinforce my students' work at school.

Music Theory


As a teacher, I've often taught students to express themselves verbally and through writing. Writing may stand on its own as a topic of study and practice, but, because language is commonly used for communication in every field of human endeavor, it directly affects all other subjects. Thus, my training and experience teaching various subjects - and how to write for those subjects - and my previous work as a journalist, reviewer, editor, and paralegal, have given me a broad understanding of writing for a variety of purposes, which I enjoy imparting to students. Other work and leisure activities have also given me useful writing experiences. As a merchandiser and marketing technician, I often wrote reports that had to be clear, concise, and technically correct - there was no room for elaboration or error. As an active Yelper, my reviews are respected by and useful to fellow patrons of businesses. I've created professional blogs and websites, commented on those of others, and I've scored perfectly on standardized writing tests, subsequently worked as a writing scorer for a standardized testing company. What I learned about standardized writing tests enables me to better assist students at every level. Finally, as a graduate student focused on research and writing, I studied the reading-writing connection, learned and practiced every aspect of the writing process, learned how to best help students improve their research & written expression, and came to view the internet as a substantial opportunity for students to write and collaborate. I'm familiar with every major writing format, including MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian.


As a very capable mathematician, I have for many years applied my knowledge of statistics to various situations in which analysis was useful. When I was a restaurant & retail manager, I used statistics & business analysis skills I learned in college to describe & understand the performance of my stores. As a teacher, I used statistical analysis to interpret my students' standardized test performance data. Serving two years on my campus' improvement committee, it was my duty to use test score data & demographic data to recommend specific areas for improvement. In graduate school I had to strengthen my knowledge of statistics, so I took further courses & hired a tutor to make certain that I understood. Great professors in statistics & research design enabled me not only to learn to use statistical analysis to understand the methods & conclusions of scientific papers, but also to integrate statistical analysis into my own research designs.




Being a state-certified, all-levels ESL teacher - with classroom ESL teaching experience - and having advanced training in applied linguistics, I understand how to help students of all ages develop & improve their command of English. In addition, my early childhood writing experiences, my advanced language learning - including both English & German, and my experience assessing student standardized writing tests not only prepare me to assist with comprehensive language learning, but also make me sensitive to the stress students face when learning language.

Government & Politics


SAT Math

Though I'm qualified in all core content, mathematics came naturally for me and has been my strongest subject. I somehow found high school algebra and geometry to be very easy, and I scored in the top 6% of the nation on SAT Math. In college, I continued my math training with pre-calculus, linear algebra, statistics, and business analysis, and used my deep understanding of math for years as a manager and salesman after graduation. Now, as a teacher, I find that my previous real-world experience using math every day enables me to help students find a way to apply the principles of logic to manipulate numbers and equations. Recently, in graduate school, I learned to use statistics and research design principles to resolve research questions, an experience that further deepened my command of mathematical concepts, and, in another of my major courses, I was an integral member of a team that analyzed the standards and objectives, designed and planned instruction, and created assessments for an entire unit of high school linear algebra. Finally, my test-taking strategies are very clever, and I can share a variety of tips to ensure that my students think carefully and check their own work accurately.


World History


As a college graduate who attended graduate school, I have prepared for and taken the GRE. During my teaching and tutoring career, I have helped many college students improve their reading, writing, analysis, algebra, trigonometry, and geometry skills, all of which prepared them for graduate work and the GRE. I have particularly helped students prepare for the GRE Math section.



My general education knowledge & skills are so varied & solid, and I have so much experience teaching & tutoring students in Kindergarten through college, that I can offer training in every subject at any level appropriate for each student's current level of attainment. As a certified middle school generalist & all-levels ESL instructor, my knowledge, skills, and instruction in language arts, math, science, and social studies are strong, and my experience in many different careers gives me the ability to direct students in interesting practical applications of academic skills. Due to my background in psychology & learning development, I learn about each student's interests & personality, and design custom work that both interests them & meets their academic needs. This background has taught me the value of integrating several subjects into interesting, real-world academic projects that increase the effectiveness of student learning. I know that students learn best when their work is interesting, fun, and relevant to their experience. My teaching experience enables me to provide study skills support, advice on organizing work to best meet students' general educational goals, and other means to enrich learning. My broad academic training, my teaching experience at all levels, and my advanced teacher training enable me help middle school & high school students prepare for high school & college success.

SAT Reading

SAT Writing

Physical Science



As I high school and college student, I took the ASVAB on two different occasions when I considered enlisting in the Army or Marine Corps. After I became a teacher, I served as test administrator and testing monitor for a variety of standardized tests - including the ASVAB - and I have since tutored others in preparing for the ASVAB.



ACT Reading

ACT English

ACT Math

ACT Science

Elementary Math

From the time I was a young student, math was my best subject and understanding it came easily. I realized early that I not only grasped math concepts quickly, but also that I knew how to explain them to others in ways they could understand. By the end of high school, my understanding deepened and I scored in the top 6% on the SAT. Now, after college-level math coursework, teacher training, and experience helping students of all ages with math, I'm well prepared to tutor students who struggle with math.

Elementary Science

Art Theory



Ear Training

My university undergraduate music training included four semesters of specific coursework in ear training, using the George Wedge method and materials. In this series of courses, I developed excellent audiation, that internal or non-physical sense of hearing that both singers and instrumentalists need in order to scrutinize and adjust their own intonation. From this experience, I carried away such a well-developed sense of relative pitch that I can recognize many specific pitches, similar to someone with perfect pitch. As a certified music teacher, I am charged with helping students develop these same skills, which I have done with students aged 5 to adult.

Elementary (K-6th)

As a state certified ESL (English as a second language) and music teacher, I have an endorsement to teach all grade levels, early childhood through grade 12. This means that I am well familiar with the developmental, social, and intellectual aspects of children of all ages. What's more, I am also state certified to teach general academic subjects to students in grades 4 through 8. Though most of my experience is with those middle grade students, I have also worked often as a public school tutor and substitute teacher in Kindergarten through third grade, reinforcing and supporting students' general academic learning. Though I am a strong English language arts teacher, my math and science instruction is superb and social studies may be my best subject. My graduate training included curriculum design at all levels, and I specialize in integrating all the content areas and technology into project-based lessons.

General Music

I am qualified as a general music tutor due to my private and school training since age 11, more than 100 semester hours of university undergraduate training, 26 semester hours of university graduate music training, more than 40 years of music performance experience, more than 35 years private teaching experience, and that I am a state certified music teacher with about 15 years professional experience. After several years performing in the elementary school choir, I took up the violin and performed in school orchestras from ages 11 to 18, took private violin lessons, and began performing professionally in the Beaumont (Texas) Symphony Orchestra before entering college. I entered college as a violin major, but also studied and performed on the bassoon, string bass, and recorder, and I composed and arranged music. As a college freshman, my music theory knowledge was sufficient to place me in the second semester of the music theory course and I began teaching violin and string bass lessons to young local children. I also continued performing professionally as a member of the Lake Charles Symphony (Louisiana), and, over the years, I have continued performing and teaching private lessons, and eventually completed all the requirements for music teacher certification. I worked part-time as an orchestra director and violin tutor from 1993 to 1998, then full-time as an orchestra director from 1998 to 2003 and 2007 to 2012, and, in 2009, I studied the Kodaly Music Education method and learned how best to teach general music to children.


I was a university undergraduate music major for three years and studied piano for a total of 6 semester hours during that time. I learned and developed excellent basic technique, including appropriate fingerings, hand positions, use of the pedal, posture, and elementary piano literature, and I performed a jury examination at the end of each semester. I learned to sightread and improvise simple accompaniments, which I often use in the course of my string instrument teaching, and I've used my piano skills as musical director of stage musicals. As a state certified music teacher, specializing in instrumental music, I consider piano an important basic instrument to use with children, and I have often used it in my classroom to demonstrate literature, music theory, and harmony. While I am not a professional piano performer, I've learned the basic lessons of the piano well enough that I am able to prepare beginning and intermediate pianists to study with professional pianists.

Study Skills

A long-time certified all-levels educator with advanced pedagogy training, I performed well in both undergraduate and graduate courses and learned much about how students best learn at every stage of development. In particular, my coursework in Secondary Curriculum and Methods, Classroom Management, Human Growth and Development, Philosophical Foundations of Education, Strategies of Secondary Teaching, Evaluative Techniques, and courses in teaching reading in both elementary and secondary schools prepared me to use a variety of current rigorous and relevant techniques to help students organize their effort, work efficiently, and maximize their learning in every subject. I learned how to help students plan ahead and think strategically, to consider every parameter, every possibility, and every nuance to determine their best approach to each task. I have many years of experience helping students improve important study skills, such as reading more critically, taking great notes and organizing them effectively, planning their own homework and study sessions more effectively, reflecting on their own work and progress, and identifying areas for improvement and topics for further research, guiding students to utilize their best efforts very efficiently. As a zealous general educator, I am very competent and effective in every core subject, and my ability and desire to help students study successfully both transcends and encompasses all subjects, making me an ideal study skills tutor for students from elementary school through college.

Special Needs

As a long-time music and general subjects teacher, I have worked successfully with students' special needs in a variety of contexts. In more than 20 years of working with music students, I have learned to work positively and constructively with students of every background, including those having learning disabilities and other special needs, and found means to help them learn, interact, and perform effectively. From 1994 to 1998, my work included gifted and talented students in a special university-based program supervised by a Ph.D. psychologist. From the beginning of my initial training to become a certified teacher, I tutored special needs students, from preschool students with severe congenital disorders to secondary students whose special needs stemmed from dangerous accidents or other trauma. During the 2010-2012 school years, my assignment included work in Content Mastery, where I tutored individual students with learning disabilities and helped them to understand and complete work for all their classes. Due to my students' varied disabilities, academic strengths, and backgrounds, and with advice from my special education colleagues, I learned to tap into each student's knowledge and abilities and to modify instruction to meet their individual needs. This experience with special needs continues to serve me every day as an all-levels general subjects itinerate educator, needing to quickly evaluate students and determine their best learning approach. Finally, my graduate school work included specific training and research relating to students' special needs, especially ADHD, dyslexia, and autism spectrum disorders.


I am qualified as a violin tutor due to my own private lesson and school training since age 11, nine semester hours of university training, more than 35 years performance and tutoring experience, and that I am a state certified music teacher specializing in string orchestra. As a middle school student, I performed in the school orchestra and began my private training with the school orchestra director by taking one 30-minute private lesson each week. By age 13, I continued my lessons at a more advanced level with another teacher for 45 minutes each week through age 15. By age 17, I earned my first professional job performing in the violin section of the Beaumont Symphony Orchestra (Texas) and, a year later, went to college as a violin major. As a college freshman, I immediately began teaching violin lessons to young children and continued performing professionally as a member of the Lake Charles Symphony (Louisiana). Over the years, through changes in my major and even non-musical careers, I continued performing and teaching private lessons, and eventually returned to music as a career, becoming a school orchestra director and completing all the requirements for music teacher certification. I worked part-time as an orchestra director and violin tutor from 1993 to 1998, and then full-time as an orchestra director from 1998 to 2003 and 2007 to 2012. Of course, I tutored my violinists as needed and tutored several other violinists as my time permitted.

Video Production

In my work as a teacher, I used iMovie & GarageBand to produce videos of student concerts & classroom lessons. As a graduate student in education technology, I used iMovie & web-based open source software to produce videos, as well as slideshow presentations and podcasts with original music soundtracks. From initial shooting & audio recording to editing, scoring, and producing DVDs, I have practiced the video production process many times & can teach it. Finally, having broad experience with cameras, computers & software, I know how to use a variety of devices & platforms, and can identify & teach unusual ways to accomplish students' production goals.


As a long-time middle school music, theatre, and general subjects teacher, I have worked successfully with ADHD students in a variety of contexts. In more than 20 years of working with music and theatre students, I have learned to work positively and constructively with students with ADHD, and found means to help them learn, interact, and perform effectively. From 1994 to 1998, my work in a program for gifted and talented middle schoolers helped me to understand that students can struggle with ADHD issues because of their giftedness, and I found that students struggled less with ADHD once their special gifts and talents were recognized, developed, harnessed, and directed for academic success. During the 2010-2012 school years, my school assignment included work in Content Mastery, where I tutored and mentored individual students with ADHD and helped them to understand concepts and complete work for all their classes. My experience with ADHD students, my familiarity with their particular strengths and weaknesses, and with advice from my special education colleagues, I learned to tap into each student's knowledge and abilities and to modify instruction to meet their individual needs. This experience with ADHD continues to serve me every day as an all-levels general subjects itinerate educator, as I need to quickly evaluate students' needs and determine their best learning approach. Finally, my graduate school work included specific training and research relating to ADHD, including legal and management considerations.