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Experienced English Teacher to Help You Succeed

Greetings! I am a licensed and experienced teacher whose aim is to help students reach their academic goals. I have a bachelor?s degree in English and a master?s degree in teaching. I have taught creative writing, oral expression, and both American and British literature. I also have taught an American history course through Kenyon College. I approach students with a sense of empathy and try to find what interests them and tailor my teaching to their preferred styles of learning. I spe... [more]

American History

I have a strong background in American history and have taught a literature course for Kenyon College based on American history. I would be glad to assist your child in understanding the recursive nature of history and why it is important to understand our past to proceed into our future.


While English is my first love, life sciences are a close second. I thoroughly enjoy biology and have taught an outdoor education program that involved many elements of biology. It would be my joy to share with your student the excitement of discovery through life science.


I am an experienced English teacher with an extensive vocabulary. It has always been a component of my lessons and I enjoy helping students learn vocabulary through context and examples. Together with your student, I will identify the vocabulary that is challenging to your student and tackle the words until your student feels confident in his or her knowledge.


Grammar is often times an intimidating element of English that many students would rather avoid. I understand this hesitation and make learning grammar fun by breaking it down into an approachable way that students do not feel overwhelmed or burdened by rules. They are free to explore the language and make it make sense for them with my gentle guidance.

Microsoft Word

Have a paper to type but are intimidated by the task? Look no more, I will help you to learn the ins and outs of the Word program and how to type fast and efficiently. I can teach you how to make your papers look clear and professional and also how to use the special features on Word to make your paper exceptional.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Make your presentations come alive with the latest PowerPoint! I can help you manipulate the program to make the most clear and interesting presentation. I can also help you learn to make the presentation enhance your speaking skills. I have assisted many in creating presentations that make sense and captivate audiences.


I am a certified and experienced English teacher who has taught reading on many different levels. Reading is the foundation to all subjects. I will teach you the skills necessary to become a lifelong reader so that you can become successful in whatever career you choose.


I am an experienced teacher who has taught creative writing and composition for several years. If one has the ability to write well, he or she will go far in his or her academic career. Let me assist your student by giving him or her the skills necessary to become a confident and strong writer.


English is a huge passion of mine. I majored in English in college and went on to earn my master's in English education. I am a licensed teacher in integrated language arts, grades 7-12 and would be thrilled to help your student thrive with the English language.


I have always been an avid reader and continue to stay up to date on popular literature and also what is being taught in schools. I have taught many of the works included in the canon and would be glad to help your student better comprehend any given work. I know reading an assigned book can be a daunting task at times, but I will help your student break down the novel into manageable bits that he or she can better understand and maybe even enjoy!


I am a practiced English teacher who has spent hours upon hours of proofreading. I have corrected students and professionals' papers alike. Sometimes it just takes a second pair of eyes to perfect a piece; let me be the one to help you make your work remarkable!

SAT Reading

I have helped students prepare for the reading portion of the SAT by teaching them the skills necessary to decipher information and glean the most important elements of a given passage. I did this by instructing the student how to extract and explain the main ideas in a way that made sense to him or her. This skill is the very one that the SAT reading test looks for in test takers.

SAT Writing

I am a certified and experienced teacher who has helped students prepare for the SAT and taught creative writing courses. The SAT writing test assesses a student's ability to write clear, organized and informed pieces that answer the projected questions. I will give your student the formula for writing that will lead to a successful score.


I am a certified integrated language arts teacher and a spelling whiz! I enjoy words and etymology and would be happy to help your student gain a better footing on spelling. I will teach your student the origins of words and why they are spelled the way they are so your child can better spell in his or her day to day compositions.

ACT Reading

I am a licensed English teacher for the state of Ohio. My experience includes helping juniors and seniors prepare for the reading portion of the ACT. I help students sharpen their skills through utilizing previously administered tests as our guide. I will help students harness the ability to accurately and succinctly read passages so they can efficiently answer the questions.

ACT English

I am an experienced and licensed English teacher. I have assisted students in preparation for the ACT English and reading portions of the test with success. I am very familiar with the test and would be happy to help your student prepare for the test.

Elementary Science

In order to understand our world, one must have a grasp on the basic happenings that surround him or her. I have taught an outdoor education course that answered some of the questions little ones have about the world. Why is the sky blue? Where is the earth in our universe? I have a firm foundation in elementary science and would be glad to help your young one understand more about his or her environment.

Elementary (K-6th)

While my certification is for grades 7-12 in language arts, I have a great deal of experience working with younger students. Before I became a high school teacher, I worked in daycares with school age children and tutored students grades 2-6 in reading, writing, math and science. I have a strong foundation in all of the basic subjects and would enjoy helping younger students become successful.


I am a certified teacher in integrated language arts. This includes teaching reading, writing and grammar. A large part of all of these subjects is phonics. I have had to emphasize the basics of phonemes with ESL students in the past and have had success.

Study Skills

Through my years of teaching, I encountered several students who did not know how to properly extract main ideas from a text or lecture. I taught these students how to take Cornell notes and how to hunt for main ideas effectively so that they could better retain information. Many of the lessons I taught revolved around how to become an more involved reader to better understand the material.


I am a licensed teacher in integrated language arts. This certification includes teaching theatre. I have taken college courses about theater, including studying Shakespeare's plays at Bath Spa University in England. I have taught theatre, assisted in directing several productions, and am a supporter of local theater companies.

Special Needs

While I am not a special education instructor, I am a licensed teacher that is qualified to teach special education students. I have had my own classroom for the past six years that included students that were on individualized educational plans and 504 plans. I have had past students with autism, ADHD, mild retardation, and also physical disabilities. I provided all the accommodations and modifications necessary for each student. This included shortening assignments, allotting extra time for assignments and creating assignments that catered to the student's specific needs. If I were to get to work with a special needs student, I would be sure to meet with his or her parents and instructors to learn about his or her specific needs and cater my teaching to that agreed upon plan.


I played the trumpet for seven years during my adolescence. I performed in the marching, concert, symphonic and city bands. I also played in the school's orchestra. I still play the trumpet on occasion, however I am in no formal group. While I could not offer lessons to anyone advanced past high school trumpet playing, I would be happy to assist elementary and secondary students with their studies and playing of trumpet music.

Career Development

As I teacher, I worked with seniors and I had a great deal of experience assisting them in researching and finding the career they hoped to pursue. This process included guiding them in finding the right career choice through allowing them to explore their interests and speaking with professionals from the community. From there, students worked with a mentor and gained a great deal of information from being on an authentic job site. I could help someone needing a little guidance with career choices by helping him or her research his or her interests and assist in finding someone they can speak to in the field to learn about the actual job.

College Counseling

As a teacher, it was a part of my curriculum to assist the students in finding a good college fit. This included helping students research, visit and apply to college. I have attended several Ohio colleges and have helped many students earn scholarships and admission to their college of choice. I also taught at Kenyon College and know what a college looks for in a candidate.


While in college, I took courses to prepare me for the special needs students that I would have in my classroom. These courses discussed ADHD and how to best help a student with the disorder. I have had students in my classroom who were ADHD and I currently tutor two students who have ADHD. I have had great success with them, particularly helping them to get organized and structured in their approach to school and learning. I know that the ADD/ADHD student thinks through things differently than the average person and I am able to help the student navigate his/her thought processes to become successful.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

When I was training to become a teacher in college, some of the courses I took covered how to best assist students with autism in our classrooms. I learned through academic readings and lectures how to best help students with mild autism in the regular education classroom. In addition to my college training, I worked as a special education paraprofessional in a classroom with several students with autism. There I learned that the best way to assist autistic students is to use Applied Behavioral Analysis, which is serving a student in the environment that he or she is most comfortable and focusing on his or her strengths to bring about success.