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Christoph G.


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Web and Media Designer with Ph.D.

I offer a background of teaching one-on-one and large groups of students as a teaching assistant for various universities: University of California, Santa Cruz, Otis College of Art & Design, and Goldsmiths, University of London over the last half-decade. I have an artistic inclination but am more cerebral; I am formally trained in essay writing, editing, using digital media, manual and digital photography. I build webpages and can help with HTML, PHP and design/structural issues. I can also h... [more]




HTML is a great tool to have for anyone who uses the web. I hold about ten years worth of knowledge in using and understanding HTML. By using Dreamweaver or a text pad, I can show students how to create simple to dynamic webpages with this relatively easy script.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is a great tool to create awesome vector-like effects of images to use as logos, designs and artwork. I have plenty of background incorporating these images into my own website. I also taught Illustrator to large groups of students as a teaching assistant at UC Santa Cruz.

Art History

Adobe Lightroom

Art Theory

Web Design

I am very qualified and skilled to teach web design. I have been building websites for over ten years. As I completed my PhD in Arts and Computational Technology, I worked on websites to not only display my work, but to interact with it. I have taught digital media courses to large groups of students and instructed them how to create a framework for HTML through PHP.

Video Production

I use Final Cut Pro and iMovie for big-screen and new media installations. I helped students with transitions, contrast, sound issues and exporting files that run on a projector. I am skilled with editing from most programs and using cameras.


I am qualified to tutor students in Dreamweaver. I have both formally and informally taught students how to use Dreamweaver for almost ten years for a variety of projects using this program as the framework.I am skilled in helping show how to navigate its intuitive layout. Many web design and publishing projects I have assisted others with are completed with the aid of Dreamweaver.


I am naturally placed in the role of helping others with their computers as I am highly skilled in using Macintosh. I have owned several MacBook Pros over the course of almost ten years. I have experience troubleshooting and helping others figure out their macs in every university setting I've been in.


I have experience teaching PHP since 2011 before my completion of a PhD in Arts and Computational Technology. As I am skilled in helping others build webpages and run my own sites using PHP, I am good at using it too. I helped a class of 30 students ranging from simple to more complicated problems.


I offer a substantial background with using HD film equipment and accessories. I can help create a film using Final Cut Pro and have helped students with a plethora of editing and technical issues related to film. I am also skilled in studio lighting and setting up cameras.


I have experience with teaching and using Java. As I worked teaching assistant courses for PHP and Dreamweaver, I have showed students how Java is best used for interaction. My own site also runs on JavaScript.

Graphic Design

I have knowledge in teaching and tutoring Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and InDesign. I have created images for both print and digital publications; and can help students in both fields. I also have a PhD in Arts and Computational Technology.