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MBA, Business Advising, Professional Written and Visual Communications

Would you like to be known as an effective communicator and team member? I teach written and visual communications for school classes and business environments, and offer guidance on ways to run organizations well. Clients tell me I am thoughtful, encouraging, creative, and a good listener. My background includes 20+ years as an entrepreneur, educator, director, consultant, and board member in the private and nonprofit sectors, plus graduate degrees and further training in management, econo... [more]

General Computer

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

Bryan uses PowerPoint on PCs and Macs. He teaches basic and advanced concepts, plus principles of attractive and effective design. Bryan also shows how to integrate a slideshow into a verbal presentation so the slideshow will blend seamlessly into the audience's experience. He has used PowerPoint for presentations to professional consulting clients, university students and alumni, business investors, volunteer groups, nonprofit agencies, and a wide variety of other audiences. He emphasizes a clear and focused approach, using PowerPoint to convey concepts in a way that educates, builds credibility, and improves listeners' attention.


Bryan is a native speaker and writer of English. He has written and edited materials for publications by McGraw-Hill, Harvard University, Mayor's Offices, and dozens of other publishing houses, universities, nonprofit organizations, and businesses. Bryan did extensive writing in college and graduate school courses en route to earning bachelor's and master's degrees from UCLA, Michigan, and Harvard, each with high honors. He enjoys guiding students through the writing process. With Bryan's coaching, you can communicate in a personable and professional way that conveys energy and credibility.


Bryan is a native speaker and writer of English. He studied the subject through college and beyond, completing courses in English literature at UCLA and courses in writing and speaking at UCLA and the University of Michigan. Bryan has taught and advised students whose primary language is English, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, etc. With his guidance, students have raised their performance in classes in high school, college, and graduate school; prepared papers for publication in academic journals; won scholarships and grants; and become effective communicators among colleagues and customers in business environments. As a traveler, Bryan enjoys making friends with people from countries around the world.


Bryan is a native speaker and writer of English. As a university teacher and a tutor, he has taught and advised students from North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Bryan has also taught in a bilingual school in China and participates in international Sister City initiatives. He helps students who wish to learn to speak and write in a clear manner. Bryan focuses on pronunciation, narrative forms of writing and conversation, and ways to apply concepts in professional, academic, and social settings. As a traveler, Bryan enjoys making friends with people from countries around the world.

Adobe Photoshop



Bryan earned a master's degree in business administration with high distinction, founded a consulting firm that has experienced steady growth, and leads strategy and operations projects for Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial ventures, and nonprofit organizations. He is an occasional guest teacher for undergraduate and graduate school classes on strategy, management, and entrepreneurship.

Career Development

Through my strategy and innovation consulting firm, I am a teacher, coach, and mentor for new and established specialists, managers, and executives. I advise clients in the social sector, mobile technology, life sciences, professional services, retail, and entertainment. Previously, I co-founded Harvard University's annual conference on careers in the social sector. Altogether, I have been a career advisor to graduates of undergraduate, MBA, MA, MS, and PhD programs over the past twenty years. I help people build relationships with colleagues, establish credibility with supervisors and subordinates, explore and evaluate options for new positions, adjust to new working cultures (especially for those who have moved to America), prepare for new roles, and transition to new careers.


My background includes an MBA in Strategy, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship from the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business; 15+ years of consulting on marketing projects for clients; a prior role as a marketing communications specialist for PricewaterhouseCoopers; and the design and launch of new corporate identities for several clients. I also tutor MBA students in marketing.

Microsoft Windows

I have been using Windows since the early versions, through Windows 95 and 98, through the transitions to Windows Vista and Windows 7, and on to the present version of Windows 10. I developed skills through professional assignments plus PricewaterhouseCoopers' intensive Management of Information Technology program. I am comfortable using Windows and Office for an individual PC. I am not experienced in building networked environments such as NT or Home Server. In short, while I don't implement Windows across organizations, I can help people who want to use Windows in everyday personal or business life.