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Mr P: Your Computer Tutor

I earned a BS (1987) and MS (2011) in Computer Science from Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science and have over 30 years of experience, 28 professionally, of computer programming using multiple languages and operating systems. I can help you succeed with basic CompSci concepts, UNIX/Linux environments, pseudocode, C-programming, SQL, sophisticated shell programming, file transfer, SSH, and a lot more. Over my career I have mentored many junior colleagues one-on-one, ru... [more]

Microsoft Excel

I have been using MS Excel heavily for well over 15 years. I use it on every project, as well as for myriad tasks both personal and professional. From basic to more advanced use, I can help you improve your Excel skills.

General Computer

My first computer was a Timex 1000, with the 16K RAM upgrade in the early 1980's. I programmed BASIC on it. I then moved up to micros like the Dec Pro and Rainbow. By the late '80s I was working professionally on mini computers like the DEC20/TOPS20, then VAX/VMS. I used the very first version of the Apple Macintosh. At home I used a Hyundai-built XT PC running DOS. By the early 1990's I was working on the pre-general release Alpha running OpenVMS, working for a DEC partner. I uncovered a bug in the symbolic debugger, which was subsequently fixed. I also worked on a few UNIX-variants. At home I was running a 80386, then 80486-based PCs running Win3.x. In the late 90's I was working on various HP servers running HP/UX via a P90 running Win 3.11 and Win NT. At work, from the late 1990's I worked on many HP servers running HP/UX via Win95/98/NT4.0/XP/Vista/7 desktops. Starting 2006 I worked on Linux servers academically. Professionally, I started in 2009 on Linux desktops, in 2011 on servers, both running various versions of RHEL. I also work on MacBook Pros, running OSX 10.7 and 10.8, for personal use.

Microsoft Word


I used DECrdb, both SQL and DSRI, from 1992-1998, and have been using Oracle RDBMS since 1993. I worked for Oracle Corporation from 1997 to 1998 at their east coast software development center. I also use PL/SQL frequently. I have written a lot of SQL and am frequently called upon by colleagues to assist them with theirs.


C is my first computer language, only one of many, and the one most extensively used over a period of 22 years of professional software development. First learned during undergrad at Columbia Engineering, I still use it today. From applications, to 4GL/Application Development Suite internals, to middleware and daemons, I've had wide experience. Most projects, including linux kernel coding, during my graduate work were done in C.

Computer Programming

C is my first computer languageand the one most extensively used over a period of 22 years of professional software development. OS' include UNIX, linux, VMS, DOS, Windows. I am very experienced with Pascal, Modula2, various shell programming languages (csh, ksh, posix-compliant, bash, DCL), NOMAD. Also conversant in C++, Java, Common Lisp, Smalltalk, ForTran, BASIC, some assembly, others.

Computer Science

BS in Computer Science from Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science. MS in Computer Science from Columbia University Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, 2011.


My current working environment is RHEL v5/6, and have worked with Debian/Ubuntu. I recently ported or authored over 100 bash shell programs, ranging in size of 50 lines, to over 10K and a group of C-language socket programs for communicating with 3 different commercial packages. In my graduate studies I modified the linux kernel, changing it to use a fair-share algorithm scheduler, as well as adding new functionality.

Microsoft Windows

I have been using Windows since 1992, starting with Win 3.1. Thereafter I worked with WfWG 3.11, NT 3.1, NT 3.5/3.51/4.0, 95, 98, Vista, 7. I have not worked with Win 8 or 8.1 and have no plans to do so. So, if you need help on older versions, I can help you.


I have been using Oracle RDBMS since 1993 at the OCI level, as well as RDB/VMS which Oracle bought around 1995. I have experience with Pro-C and PL/SQL, as well as Oracle SQL. From 1997-1998 I worked for Oracle Corporation, as a Sr Applications Engineer for Process Manufacturing, using D2K as well C. Since then I've use Oracle SQL, and SQL Loader extensively, and continue to use PL/SQL frequently. I've mentored several colleagues in all 3 over the years.


Pascal, created by Niklaus Wirth, was the language I learned in my first CompSci course. It was never supposed to be used outside academia, but "escaped" into the wild and was used commercially anyway. It was the first language for which I was paid to code, before we converted to successor language, Modula-2, also created by Wirth, which was better suited to large projects. There are many syntactic similarities between the 2 languages. I can assist you with either one.


I started using System 5 UNIX on an AT&T 3B2 supermini in 1985, as well as on a 3B200. After that I had experience with BSD the late '80s, DEC Ultrix in early '90s, AIX, Solaris, DGUX, and most especially on HP/UX starting in the mid '90 through the present, although linux now consumers more of my time. Most of the work was writing C and shell programs, first for academics and professionally since 1986.


I have used Python professionally for 2 years. I have previously tutored Python. Python is my preferred language at present.


In both a professional and personal capacities, I have written hundreds of lines of JavaScript and scores of functions for dozens of webpages on several websites on both the internet and on a company intranet. I have taught colleagues and friends how to write JavaScript for their websites, and am called up to debug their code occasionally. I have built a couple of reusable libraries that I have shared with others. If you need help I can probably help you, too.