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Brand Management and Design Specialist

With nearly 25 years experience in teaching and training, I've had the privilege to grow and develop my teaching styles by working with individuals benefiting from different learning styles. Over the past 12 years, I have come to earn both a Bachelor's of Science and a Master's degree in graphic design related fields of study. I have taught professionally as a Graphic Design Instructor for a nationally accredited art & design college as well. With my accumulated experiences as a professional,... [more]


General Computer

I have been working with computers since the late 1980's when in the course of my military career I began working with IBM's and desktop publishing. Since then, I have gone on to amass years of experience in both my professional career and private life. I am experienced in the use of both PC and Mac platforms. As a design professional, I am constantly using both PC and Mac platforms to meet client demands. I have also been a college level professor, teaching students to use both platforms in their professional careers as well. My current roster of students for teaching general computer skills range in age from 14 to 92 years old.



Graduate school thesis writing Undergraduate professor Original content writing for advertising & marketing



Adobe Photoshop

I have nearly 10 years of professional experience as a Graphic Designer. I earned my Bachelors of Science in 2007 and went on to become an Instructor for IADT (Sanford Brown) in 2009. After teaching there for three years, I went on to continue freelancing and tutoring in Graphic Design and related services. I recently earned an MFA degree in Media Design and am currently growing my business and offered services. My current and past students have ranged in age from 14-92, so I'm confident that I can instruct a wide range of students, professionally and thoroughly. In that time, I have use Photoshop extensively. I began using Photoshop with version CS3. I have taught professionally on the program in a Career College educational environment as well.

Adobe Illustrator

As a design professional and educator, I have been using Adobe Illustrator since 2005. In the past 12+ years, I have seen many changes made to the software and have remained an avid user. The current additions to Illustrator mimic a lot of the same "enhancement" functions of Photoshop, which I love. In my daily practice of being a Freelance Graphic Designer, I find myself constantly using the program to design a wide range of vector graphics. Illustrator is the perfect program for creating original, hi-res graphics for other print applications and/or software.

Adobe Flash

I earned my BS degree in Motion Graphics in 2007. I was heavily trained in Adobe Flash to use it in web design and motion graphics applications. Since then, I have used it at my jobs and as a freelancer, with most recently teaching it to students of IADT. Since may of 2010, I have been employed to teach students of the Graphic Design program a wide range of software, including Flash, for the purposes of learning animation and interactive elements of graphic design.

Web Design

While being trained in Motion Graphics, I had to also learn the basics of graphic design which include web graphics. Since 2007, when completing my studies, I have created and coded numerous websites and am comfortable implementing JavaScript and PHP into new or existing websites. I have also taught students at IADT Las Vegas over the past 2 1/2 years, including the use of XHTML, HTML 5 and CSS. I am also comfortable implementing WordPress and changing elements within its code/css via the editor function. I have even used, and taught how to use Photoshop for web design as well as free coding with just a normal text editor.

Adobe InDesign

As a Motion Graphics Designer student, while obtaining my Bachelors of Science degree, I had to learn the fundamentals of graphic design as a hole. This included Print Design & Layout using Adobe InDesign. Since then, I have continued to learn and use the software for a variety of applications from simple one-page layouts to completing my first book. I have also had the privilege of being a college level instructor teaching the same Print Design & Layout fundamentals I learned nearly 15 years ago.


I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in 2007. While earning that degree, I had to learn Dreamweaver in order to prepare a personal website as a graduation requirement. Since then, I have worked extensively on numerous websites, primarily using Dreamweaver. Most recently, over the past 2 1/2 years, while employed with IADT Las Vegas, one of my teaching requirements was to instruct students on the fundamentals of design as it pertains to Dreamweaver. I am well versed in XHTML, HTML 5 and CSS along with content management systems such as WordPress.


While attending school for my BS degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, I started using Macintosh as the preferred computer of the graphics design community. Since then, I have used Mac's almost extensively for the use of Adobe Master Collection. I have used it in the creation of graphics, web layout and print design. Most recently, I have taught students at IADT Las Vegas for the past 2 1/2 years, all on Mac's for the various graphic design software.

Graphic Design

I am a professional Freelance Graphic Designer with 12+ years active experience in graphic design. Prior to obtaining my Bachelors degree in 2007, I had worked as a graphic designer in various roles and jobs that came across my path. I currently hold an Associates degree in art for Black & White Photography which taught me lighting and composition. I earned my Bachelors of Science in Motion Graphics which is the field of animated graphic design. I taught professionally at IADT - Las Vegas (Sanford Brown) as the lead Graphic Design Instructor for 3 years. In 2016 I earned my Masters degree in Media Design and continue working professionally as a Freelance Graphic Designer.