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Iulia K.


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Hello there, I decided to become a Wyzant tutor because I love explaining things to people, anything that I have good knowledge of, especially academic material. While my favorite age group to work with is children, I have also had the joy of working with people of all different age groups, including teenagers, adults and senior citizens. As a tutor, I work both with students who struggle to understand school material and students who want to get ahead or learn something out of personal e... [more]

Algebra 1

When teaching Algebra I, it is important to follow 3 rules. 1) First I break down a topic to explain concepts to students at a level and a pace that they can understand and feel comfortable with. 2) Because Algebra I builds on pre-algebra, I always make sure to show students how what they are learning is connected to previously learned concepts. This allows students to see the new material in context of the big picture. 3) In addition to explaining the How of Algebra, I also explain the Why of why problems are done the way they are done. Following these three steps allows me to teach holistically and build students' understanding of math, and once a student understands an idea, s/he will be able to remember it for the long term more easily. It is my goal to bring that understanding about.

Algebra 2


I teach English to adult English language learners and I would be happy to explain to you how different parts of speech are used and how they work together in literature, writing and conversation to convey meaning.



Prealgebra is the middle ground where students begin to work with variables and find unknowns. It also involves learning how to balance an equation and can even include solving area problems. These are all things I show students how to solve with expanded examples, drawings, numberlines and even manipulatives to help students understand how to do the problems, even if they are given problems that are not cookie cutter examples that they solved in class.


In my Beginning Literacy Instruction class in college, I learned how to test for and distinguish between different levels of beginning readers as well as different activities and strategies I can use to help children develop reading, writing and comprehension skills. This first class in literacy instruction has prepared me to work with students from the Kindergarten level to the second/third grade level.


I majored in Spanish at the University of Delaware and as someone who already speaks another Latin language (Romanian) I think of my self as being half a native Spanish speaker because there are many similarities between Spanish and Romanian in grammar, spelling and pronunciation. Also I find that there is a stronger connection between Spanish and Romanian than Spanish and English in how the languages create meaning and that is something I share with my students to help them understand the Spanish language.


SAT Math

Math has long been my favorite subject in school, and one of my strongest subjects as well. When my siblings and I were in high school, my parents bought SAT books for us and paid for tutors or tutoring programs for us so we could succeed on the SAT. I still have the books we used, and therefore have number of sources that I can use to teach the test strategy and how to solve problems on the SAT. I will use one book as the basis of instruction, and gather additional examples from the others to provide a thorough preparation for the SAT math test.




Romanian was my first language. I still speak it at home with my parents and on the phone or on Skype with my grandparents. I will teach you what I know.

Elementary Math

Since I?ve started tutoring, I?ve worked with all levels of students in elementary math, from teaching the most basic addition and subtraction number facts to first graders, to more complicated concepts of fractions, decimals and pre-algebra equations. I can move slow to provided students with explanations for the tiniest of steps, as well as fast to provide students with condensed explanations when they are ready to move quickly. I use different techniques to help students understand a problem, including numberlines, drawings, counting manipulatives and explanations. My mission is to help students understand math and I will do whatever it takes for students to reach that point.

Elementary Science


In instructing handwriting, I will show students how to form parts of letters first (based on the different types of lines and curves of letters and numbers), while showing them how to form those segments on paper. After showing them how to write those sections of letters and numbers, I will show them how to write whole letters and entire numbers, followed by letter combinations (if they are practicing cursive). I will also provide letters and numbers for my students to trace, in case the need arises, including ones with numbered arrows, that show the directions in which to write said graphemes, because I learned in my education classes that they aid students in learning how to form letters and numbers. For students who confuse how to write letters such as b d and p, (which is common), I will teach them left from right and top from bottom to help them differentiate between those letters, and if students are having trouble remembering how to write letters in general, I will provide them with an alphabet strip that has the letters with numbered arrows that shows students how to form those letters. Last but not least, to contextualize the writing practice, I will dictate words and sentences for students to write, or ask them to answer questions to practice their handwriting fluency. Preparing students for this task also involves teaching them how to form punctuation marks and give them examples of how to space their words appropriately.