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Yale Grad Tutoring English, Law, Study Skills and More

I'm a friendly and approachable Ivy-League graduate with 20 years of writing experience and a gift for teaching all levels in English vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension and writing. I'm a semi-retired lawyer with a distinguished career in law and business behind me, including several years in entertainment law and real estate. I have a love for language and literature and aim to impart a passion for discovering new skills and abilities to all my students by igniting their intellectua... [more]

American History




My interest in French language and culture has been life-long: I studied French from the First Grade, through college, including in a semester at University of Paris through UC Berkeley. I have several French friends with whom I communicate in French, have used my language skills in my past career in business, and frequently am complemented on my accent, which, thanks to my early training and residency in Paris, is very authentic. In addition I participate in courses and events at the Alliance Francaise, and recently took a 3rd year French course at UC Davis that emphasized speaking, writing and grammar skills. It was a great "refresher," and I could not have enjoyed it more. I especially enjoyed watching the younger and less experienced students gain competence and confidence. It was also a great reminder that in this interconnected world, the ability to speak and understand any foreign language is a great asset.



Specialty in tutoring writing and English for all levels, as well as in advising high school students writing college application essays. Skilled in helping students discover new ways to acquire and practice the skills they need to improve their grades and advance in school, using a mix of worksheets, exercises and their school texts and assignments.


Successful English writing coach for students of all skill levels and aptitude. Ivy-League graduate with B.A. in humanities and law degree (J.D.) Former international corporate attorney, specializing in contract drafting and negotiation. Experience with academic coaching of U.S. and international high school, university undergraduates and graduate students. Experience coaching college applicants, and in counseling and advising students regarding their college and graduate level applications and application essays. Experience tutoring ESL for international students of all levels.


I enjoy working students of all nationalities on improving their written and spoken English. More importantly, they have all viewed our sessions as successful and productive! I especially enjoy comparing and contrasting the characteristics of English with my students' respective native languages. This technique provides my students with an additional level of understanding as they gain competence and confidence in their desired areas of improvement.


World History

College-level history courses (including as a Yale undergraduate). Experience in successful college-level world history tutoring for high school and college students). Specialist in English reading and writing (including all aspects of Language Arts and essay writing for the SAT), test-taking (including for law school exams) and study skills (all levels). Lifelong student of world history, current events and other cultures.


In my former career I proofread thousands of pages of printed material in academic, legal and business contexts.


Ivy League graduate and former attorney with 20 years professional experience. Expertise in legal analysis, writing, study skills and strategies for essay exams. Admitted to California State Bar (1989) (Current Member) and New York State Bar (1987).

SAT Reading

Reading comprehension skills are the key to success in the study of any subject, as well as an essential skill for functioning effectively in life. For students at all levels, they are a prerequisite to successful studying for, and performance on, exams of all kinds, including standardized tests such as the SAT, any AP exam or graduate-level exam such as the GRE, MCAT, or LSAT. I have had tremendous success with improving the grades and scores of my students at all levels by providing them with strategies and techniques for reading with greater comprehension and confidence. By practicing these methods, they all improve their test scores and overall confidence, and achieve greater satisfaction and understanding when reading in any subject or context.

SAT Writing

I am experienced in tutoring all skills tested in the Language Arts section of the SAT, Study Skills (including test-taking), Reading, critical thinking, and Writing (including essays and personal statements for college and graduate school applications).


Art History


College Counseling

I have counseled students in writing college essays for several years, completed a course in "College Admissions Counseling" at UCLA's Certificate program in that subject as well as the course offered through UC Berkeley's Certificate program (also in College Admissions counseling) in counseling college applicants in the short essays as well as the "Personal Statement." In addition, I have successfully counseled high school students on writing their college applications as an essay coach for the college application writing expert Brenda Bernstein of TheEssayExpert.com. As an independent contractor for her company, I worked one-on-one with high school students, and counseled them on their college application essays and other written responses. My counseling has always been completed with the highest satisfaction and gratitude of all my clients. Finally, I spent many years as an Association of Yale Alumni applicant interviewer. Our evaluations included a full list of qualities the Admissions Office was seeking in their prospective student body. Consequently, I have a practical understanding of how students can best increase their chances of admission to the college of their choice.

Bar Exam

I'm a licensed attorney (active member of CA Bar but not currently practicing) and have passed both the California and New York State bar exams, generally considered among the most difficult in the country. I'm a graduate of Yale University and Cardozo School of Law, and worked for 7 years at top Wall Street law firms and then as a Vice President of Legal Affairs for a major international media conglomerate. I'm a gifted tutor and am able to adapt my methods to each student's abilities and needs. Building confidence and reducing anxiety go a long way with the LSAT, which to a certain extent intimidates many students who have not had to think in the way required by the LSAT before and thus lack the skills necessary to successfully navigate the lengthy exam and logic games, in particular. I try to outline an exam prep strategy for each student, in order to give them a clear measure of their progress, enabling them to accumulate momentum and enthusiasm for "sticking out" and eventually conquering the study and exam process.


I love handwriting and am happy to ensure it is a skill that continues to be passed on to all students. Since Elementary School, where I won the Best Handwriting Award, people have commented on my "perfect" handwriting. I acquired this skill almost entirely by practicing recommended techniques on the traditional specially-lined paper. Now. people occasionally ask me to handwrite notes for them. I also have studied handwriting analysis with a professional handwriting analysis expert and understand the variations that individual personalities tend to make when writing in what used to be called "cursive," as well as the special approach required for left-handed students. As you may have noticed, I have perfect reviews from my students. I'm a great tutor of all of the subjects in which I've qualified, and my students seem to really appreciate my approach to teaching and learning. I'm also especially talented at teaching subjects such as handwriting in a way that ensures a good foundation in each component of a particular skill. In handwriting, it is important to take this approach, as learning how to write each part of a letter before learning the entire letter is required for most letters in the alphabet.