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Lucinda L.


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Teaching is the best profession in the world!

Teaching is my third career, and as far as I am concerned, the only one. I am considered highly qualified by the state of Michigan in all of the Language Arts, as well as in Music. I have taught language arts, history, music, piano, and music history while earning my Master's in Curriculum and Plan Design. I soon became interested in ways to present my curriculum to students that would show positive results. I created and published a method entitled RAPlets?. I have worked with the Nationa... [more]

American History

I have taught history for about ten years. It was my minor in college, and I remain captivated by the subject and what it teaches us. I have created curriculum and numerous unit plans with the purpose of content retention, and have been successful with my teaching methods.



I am considered highly qualified in all of the English Language Arts categories. My students' scores in state testing have improved. I have served and chaired many committees concerned with Reading and grammar issues, and am up to date with both the state GLCE's and the common core standards. I have also written a book on methods for content retention and writing skills.


I am considered highly qualified in the state of Michigan in all of the English Language Arts. I will find what techniques will help your individual child, and focus on them for his success.


I am considered highly qualified by the state of Michigan in all aspects of the Language Arts. I have been active in that field, including giving writing and vocabulary seminars, as well as chairing National Quality Assurance reviews of schools and their current curriculum.



I am certified as highly qualified in the English Language Arts area by the state of Michigan. I have published a book on some of my learning techniques and am always looking for new methods to help students.


World History

World history is a favorite course of mine to teach. History was my minor in in undergraduate school. I have taught many teenagers, and work well with them. I can help your son relate to the content that he must learn. Individual and group work in replicating the themes behind world history is a specialty of mine. My goal is to produce student success.


The English language is a hobby of mine. I have taught English Language Arts for almost 20 years, and find grammar and it's intricacies to be fascinating! It is an art.

SAT Reading

Reading has always been love of mine, and it is one of my favorite subjects to teach. Solving the puzzle of the SAT questions is a goal that can be reached, Learning and remembering to use those keys is the important step, one that my students retain and use to be successful.


Elementary (K-6th)

I have taught grades K-college for over 15 years. My license for the state of MI states that I am highly qualified in English Language Arts. I love reading, writing, and spelling. I am especially tuned into finding ways to improve the skills of individual students by adapting my teaching to their needs.

Study Skills

I taught study skills for five years, using traditional methods. I also created and implemented several successful study approaches, and published a book on this subject. My work with the QUALITY ASSURANCE REVIEW, formerly the NCEA, kept me up to date in the newer programs.

Social Studies

History was my minor in undergraduate school, and social studies figured greatly into that curriculum. I have taught social studies, created curriculum for those courses, and have always integrated social studies and history into all of my classes. I have given teacher seminars on this topic, and created cross curricular project based learning celebrations for all age levels.