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Helping you UNDERSTAND Math

Hello. My name is Brandon. I am a graduate of Boise State University where I graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. in Applied Mathematics, a B.A. in Philosophy, and a minor in Political Science. I graduated from Gonzaga School of Law Summa Cum Laude with the degree of Juris Doctor. I now practice law in Washington, and clerk for the Honorable Chief Judge Thomas Rice for the United States Eastern District Court of Washington. While not at work and tutoring I spend my time with my wife and two da... [more]

Algebra 1

As a tutor for College of Western Idaho I helped students in algebra I on a daily basis. The students ranged from those fresh from high-school to those that haven't had a math course for forty or fifty years. As such, I can teach a deeper understanding to those who already have a grasp on the subject and I can teach those that need to develop a complete understanding starting from the basic principles.

Algebra 2




SAT Math


Elementary Math

Elementary (K-6th)

I have been a math tutor for over ten years, and have tutored elementary students throughout the entire time. While my focus is on mathematics, I am able to help in a wide range of classes and topics. I have two undergraduate degrees and a J.D. and am able to help with general study skills and approaches. I have a broad educational background and can help students.

Study Skills

I am in my seventh year of secondary education and my study skills have been greatly developed and sharpened as such. I graduated with honors with two difficult degrees (math and philosophy) and a minor (political science). My studies ranged and my approach to studying changed with the subject, giving me proficiency in adapting my studies to the class demand while receiving great grades. Further, as a student of Law, my studying skills are kept strong and I am always considering the best ways to study.

Discrete Math

I took Discrete Mathematics (Math 187) at Boise State University and received and A. I occasionally had to tutor students on the subject during my experience at College of Western Idaho.

Differential Equations

I took Math 333 (Differential Equations) and received a B+. I also took an advanced course over the material (math 433/533 Theory of Differential Equations), receiving a B+.


I took C++ in college at Boise State University and received and A. I thoroughly understood the program and frequently assisted fellow students in the class. I have further programing experience with MatLab, a program language for math that is similar to C++ with syntactic differences mainly.

Linear Algebra

I took Math 301 (Linear Algebra) at Boise State University and received an A.


I am qualified because of my courses in Philosophy requiring a strong background in logic (Philosophy 201: Logic, Philosophy 304: Advanced Symbolic Logic). Further my math degree required classes that required a mastery of logic (Math 187: Discrete and Foundational Math, Math 309: Number Theory, Math 314 and Math 433: theory of differential equations, and many more). Lastly, I tutored for the Law School Admissions test which has a section specifically on formal logic and I personally scored in the top ten percent of test takers.

Finite Math

Finite Math is a catchall for mathematics except for calculus. I have a B.S. in Applied Mathematics, which required a broad range of classes properly classified under Finite Math. One class in particular was called Finite Mathematics, for which I received an A.