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Kathy-active teaching certificate with over 20 years of experience

My Bachelor of Arts degree from F.A.U. is in Elementary Education. I've attended college to keep my certificate current through the years, and my certifications have included, Reading and Math K-12, and Elementary K-6. Working over 20 years in the Florida school system in Broward, Brevard, Palm Beach, and Alachua counties, has given me rich and varied experiences. My full-time teaching has included 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades, 6th-grade reading, and 7th and 8th grade remedial math. Being ... [more]


Since most of my expertise is in reading and English, I integrate vocabulary at every level. Some of the areas I cover are: synonyms, antonyms, homophones, homographs, multiple-meaning and high-frequency words. Students will also practice replacing "overused" words when they write.


I recently completed two college-level English Composition courses that emphasized mechanics and grammar in writing. I earned a 3.9 grade-point average, finishing each semester course in six weeks. I have tutored grammar for over four years in a learning center to students who don't speak English in their home. We always start building their grammar skills first.


I have taken classes in the past to become certified as a Reading Specialist. My experience with varying ages and abilities has enforced the belief that becoming a good reader is the foundation of doing well in all subjects. I use a variety of materials to motivate learning, and make reading interesting and fun,


Since the Standardized Writing Tests became required in the public schools, I have been tutoring students in Alachua County to help them pass with a high score. Becoming a temporary teacher in a public school for six weeks included getting an entire class test ready for the state tests. I learned strategies for teaching writing and am familiar with the criteria for grading.


To keep my current teaching certificate active, I recently completed two English Composition classes at Santa Fe College. The classes included grammar, mechanics, vocabulary, and sentence structure. We wrote compositions on poetry, theater, psychology, fiction and non-fiction. These were semester courses taught in 6 weeks and I achieved an A status.


My last 2 college-level courses have been English Composition. I have been a WyzAnt tutor for almost 4 years and the majority of my students are not native-English speakers. I use a variety of literary materials to make the lessons interesting, and their fluency always improves.


I recently took an upper-level college English Composition course. Two-thirds of the class time was spent proofreading, correcting, and re-writing. We proofread our colleagues' rough drafts as well. We used English grammar books, worksheets, and media presentations to develop our proofreading skills. I received one of the two A's given in the class.


I have been certified as a Reading Specialist grades K-12, in the past. That includes the teaching of spelling. Studying the spelling rules, and memorizing sight words will help all students learn to spell more accurately.

Elementary Math

My current certification is in Mathematics/(Grades 5-9). In the past, I have taught Compensatory and Remedial Math where I learned to individualize lessons. Students can build speed and confidence by practicing the addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts for 5 min. a night. I use flashcards, games, clocks, play money, yardsticks,and tape measures, in addition to worksheets and workbooks because I think math should be fun!

Elementary (K-6th)

I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education specializing in the primary grades. My experience in Elementary Education includes one year in the fourth grade in Broward County, two years in the second and one year in the third grade in Brevard County, and 7 years in the 6th grade in Alachua County. Moving from grade to grade taught me patience and how to create lesson plans for students' individual needs.


Even though my teaching certificate first certified me in Elementary Education grades 1-6, I went on to add courses that gave me specialization in Reading grades K-12. Reading has always been one of my favorite subjects, to teach. No matter what level your student is on, a basic knowledge of sounds and how words are put together is essential.

Study Skills

While working as a substitute teacher in Alachua County, I have been assigned to Media Specialist positions. I have guided classes through the use of dictionaries, thesauruses, and encyclopedias. The position also included teaching map-reading skills, instructing students on the different genres of literary composition, and showing them how to find the books they needed. A basic knowledge of good study skills will help a student get ahead in all subject areas.


My B.A. is in Elementary Education and handwriting was included as a "methods" subject, because printing was taught in kindergarten, and cursive began in the third grade. I feel handwriting has become neglected in the public schools, so If a student needs practice, I have the tools, methods, and knowledge to help them improve.

Common Core

I worked at a test school for the Common Core program before it was county-wide. I am familiar with the philosophy and the common ground for teaching. I work daily with the goals and expectations when I tutor my current students. I also incorporate the skills between grade levels.