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M.Ed. - Experienced in College & Career Readiness

Introduction / Education: I graduated from UT Dallas two years ago with my Bachelor's degree in Public Administration and just recently earned my Master of Education in Higher Education from UNT. I'm a huge movie-buff and occasional anime-watcher. I love listening to music every chance I get in between classes and homework. I've always been a straight-A student, excelling in subjects across the board. I want to work full-time in the college readiness and professional development field helpin... [more]

Algebra 1

I've studied up to Calculus 1 and received an A+ in that and previous math classes. I've often tutored peers in basic Algebra when I was a TA for Statistics and during study groups for a Physics class. For many students it was their first time using math with variables in a while. Algebra is very widely used in multiple fields and with a little help, it can be really easy to learn as well.

Microsoft Excel

I have used Excel for statistical calculations and even built my own customized GPA calculator with individual grading inputs in my spare time. I was a teaching assistance for statistics in the past and used Excel in some depth during my graduate coursework. Although Excel can seem like an intimidating tool, I am happy to be of help at both the beginner and intermediate level.

General Computer

In the past, I have assisted with a basic computers class where I taught local community members how to use a laptop and some of the many functions it can do. This can also be extended into understanding basic mobile technology such as how to use an iPhone or Android. I can also help with the physical setup of new desktops or laptops since I've helped adult and senior students with that as well. I have been using computers and technology since I was 7 years old and am very familiar with helping others understand how to better use technology. I am also very proficient with Microsoft Office programs since I use those on a daily basis and am more than happy to provide assistance with that as well.

Microsoft Word

I have been using Microsoft Word for personal, academic, and professional use. This includes creating documents, letters, essays, and even flyers. I'm very proficient with this program and use it on an almost daily basis. With a little assistance, I am confident that you too will find this program to be of great use to you.

Microsoft PowerPoint

I am very familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint given the numerous presentations that I have built in the past for graduate coursework and workplace presentations. With my past experience as an educator and current position at the Career Center, I often use PowerPoint for my workshops and have helped multiple coworkers and students better understand how to use the program effectively and create presentations that are more professional and user friendly. Given my extensive experience creating and giving presentations, I am confident that together we can help you better understand PowerPoint and how to be a better presenter. I am also very familiar with public speaking and can provide advice on that as well.


I tutored multiple students when I was a TA on a 1-on-1 and group basis because they didn't have the basic Algebra skills to succeed in the statistics class. After working with them and explaining the underlying concepts of Algebra in a simple manner, they were able to finally understand and eventually pass the class. I've also made an A+ in Calculus 1 and the classes preceding it. With a little help, Algebra can be a much easier topic than you might think.

Government & Politics

My undergraduate degree was in Public Administration, which is the study of the public sector including government branches and nonprofit organizations. During which, I graduated with the highest Latin honors and with a perfect GPA. I also had the opportunity to arrange and facilitate various study groups for different major and related courses. Outside of academia, I also have real world experience working in the nonprofit sector for a few years through AmeriCorps as well as having worked for the state government through a state university institution. Given my academic and professional experience with government, I am confident that together we can help you better understand your coursework and how the government operates in reality.


As an educator, I have reviewed countless pieces of writing including academic essays, scholarship essays, resumes and cover letters, among other documents. In my current and past positions, I have proofread documents of some sort as part of my many roles. It is important that documents reflect you in the best way possible and having one that sounds professional and flows makes a significant difference. Whether it's your resume, an essay, or even an email inquiry, I am happy to be of assistance.

Career Development

I previously worked in the university Career Center, which includes assisting students on a daily basis with creating and improving their resumes and cover letters, practicing for potential interviews, as well as guidance in academic and career advising. I have also hired multiple student employees and understand what the process is like from both the applicant and supervisor point of view. Prior to this position, I worked with a local nonprofit program through AmeriCorps, which included professionally developing students using lessons on resume writing, networking, public speaking, and conducting one-on-one practice interviews. Together with my experience and your drive to improve, I am confident that we can help you develop the vital skills needed in today's workforce.

College Counseling

I have my M.Ed. in Higher Education with a concentration in Student Affairs. I currently oversee a scholarship program and a large part of that role includes advising students. I have also assisted with a summer bridge program that helps university students get a jumpstart on their freshman year of college by connecting them with various resources on campus and providing individualized advising on how they can improve as a college student. Prior to this position, I taught for multiple years in a college readiness program through AmeriCorps that helps students gain the skills to transition from high school to college, which included helping students understand the college application process, how to get involved on campus, the various resources available to students, the different types of financial aid, and professional development such as how to interact with professors or improving their public speaking skills. With more than 5+ years of college readiness and transition experience and having gone through the process myself, I am confident that together we can help you get that edge to succeed in college and beyond.

Microsoft Outlook

I'm very familiar with using Microsoft Outlook, both the everyday online version and the desktop program version, on a daily basis. I use the online version for personal use and the desktop program for professional use. There are multiple features within Outlook and it is a very convenient tool. Having used the program for multiple years, I would be happy to be of assistance in helping you understand how to use the Outlook program.

Microsoft Windows

In the past, I have assisted with a basic computers class where I taught local community members how to use a Windows OS laptop and some of the many functions it can do. I have been using computers and technology since I was 7 years old and would be happy to help you better understand how to use Windows, including 7, 8, and 10.


I have taken many sociology courses at the college level, to the extent I even decided to add it as my minor. As of now my minor GPA stands at a perfect 4.0 / 4.0. Subjects I have taken include Race & Ethnicity, Social Stratification, Immigrants & Immigration, among others including the Intro class. I have helped many friends understand these topics through multiple study groups I have had the pleasure of leading as well as helping some students on a one-on-one basis.