Rachael T.

Rachael T.


Willow Spring, NC 27592

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$40 per hour.

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Math & Teaching Specialist: Youth-friendly, patient, and encouraging

Vast experience with working with youth, as I began tutoring students K-12 14 years ago. After I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Education, I began my teaching career. I have worked in the middle school setting, as well as teaching high school mathematics. In addition to the public school experience, I have taught and tutored in the mathematics department of a state university. My Master of Education degree in Learning and Technology enables me to assess students to determine... [more]

Algebra 1

I have taught Algebra in the Jr. High, High School, and college setting, along with professional tutoring for 4 years.

Algebra 2

I have 3 years experience teaching Algebra 2 in a public high school setting, in addition to tutoring students taking the course for over two years. I've got a total of 9 years teaching experience to students of this age group and vast knowledge of the topics.




Prealgebra is the course that most of my students are taking. There is a lot of information in a very short period of time, so students tend to have difficulty with this course.


I have 9 years combined total experience of teaching and tutoring Precalculus at both high school and college levels.


I have taught many school topics from k-12 for ten years, with everything focusing on reading. Over the past two years, I have helped build reading comprehension, fluency, and desire for many students through private tutoring.


Trigonometry is a standing stone for upper level mathematics and I've studied it in complete depth. In addition to my understanding of trig, I've taught it in high school and college settings, along with tutoring students over the past 2 years.


I have been proofreading pieces of literature, resumes and cover letters for 11 years. In addition to my experience, I hold a Masters Degree in Learning and Technology with a focus in research literature.


SAT Math


I have proof-read professional papers, resum?s and cover letters for 11 years. Along with my experience and Masters Degree in Learning and Technology with a focus in research documentation, I have confidence we can work to get you a great piece to submit.


Physical Science


Elementary Math

I am a certified 5-12 mathematics teacher, with k-12 certification as a learning specialist. I have been professionally tutoring all ages one-on-one for four years.

Elementary Science


I have taught three years of regents math courses: Algebra and Geometry. I have also taught summer school Algebra with 100% pass rate on the regents. The regents classes I've taught have been in NY.