Jason L.

Jason L.


Berkeley, CA 94720

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Experienced in Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics

I have a double major in Economics and Statistics, and a minor in Mathematics from UC Berkeley. I've had over 10 years' experience working with college students and very much enjoy working in the subjects I tutor. I've received and eventually provided extensive training and tutoring at UC Berkeley for the Athletic Study Center (located at the Caesar Chavez building) from 2008 until 2011. My perspective of education is complemented from being a workshop leader (discussion section instructor... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 2

I'm a Stats major and Math minor from UC Berkeley.


Minored in math from UC Berkeley. My coursework included mathematical analysis, so, I have a strong background in the theory of calculus as well.

Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint



Economics and Statistics Major with a Minor in Math from UC Berkeley.



I am a Statistics Major at UC Berkeley.

SAT Math

Math Minor in college. SAT test prep training at Compass Education Group.



Successful completion of Financial Math and Models of Financial Economics Actuarial exams.



Statistics Major at UC Berkeley. Successful completion of the Probability Actuarial Exam.


ACT Math

I've had 20+ past SAT and ACT students. I've helped with test prep tutoring training at Compass education.

ACT Science

Managerial Accounting

Financial Accounting


I was an economics and stats double major plus I have actuarial work experience.


I was an economics and stats double major plus I have actuarial work experience.

Actuarial Science

I have successfully passed the 1/P and 2/FM exams and only desire to tutor on those two exams. My foundation in 1/P is rooted in my statistics background. My foundation in 2/FM is based on my work in finance courses, as well as my minor in math.

Linear Algebra

I have completed two courses in Linear Algebra; one being a lower division course focusing on computations, the other an upper division class focusing on proofs. In addition, I have applied linear algebra in building my regression models. Finally, there are many skills I have developed in my general coursework and work experience in Math, Stats, and Econ that can be transferred to tutoring Linear Algebra.

Microsoft Access

I use MS Access on a daily basis. I can work with students in developing their basic skills (building queries, boolean operators, SQL mode, connecting to OBDC sources, macro's etc.). I would be best working with students who are attempting to accomplish something in MS Access.