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I am a retired school teacher and taught for 24 years. I am a tutor in spelling and reading. I have a Master's degree in elementary education. I taught in the Waynesville public school system for 24 years. I received my Bachelors at Drury University in Springfield, Missouri and my Masters from Leonard wood University in St Charles Illinois. I taught students from age 5 to 13 years old. I taught math, reading, science, social studies, English and spelling. ... [more]


I taught this lesson in 3rd grade. I would find unfamiliar words in a story and discuss it to the class. After discussing the word I would have the class look the word up in the dictionary and read the definition orally. Each student would have to write a sentence using the unfamiliar word correctly. We would go over the word several times during the week. Students had to learned to spell and pronounce the word correctly.


I taught Grammar in Elementary School. I would write sentences on the board students had to correct them. They would have to underline nouns and pronouns. They had to check the complete sentence and circle the incomplete sentence. Students had to underline verbs and adjectives. Students had to learn if the sentence needed a question mark or a period.


I taught reading 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade. I would read to students daily, I went over sight words daily. I used pictures in books to sound out words. The student had to pick out sight words in their reading book and story book. I used word games and word cards. Student would learn to sound out each letter, put them together and say the word. Example: c-a-t is cat.


I taught Spelling in Elementary School. I would write words on the board students had to learn how to sound them out correct them. They had to write each word five times each every other day and use them in a sentence. They would study with a partner once a week. They were tested every Friday. We would use newspapers for them to find spelling words.


I had phonics in college when I took education courses in the education field. I taught kindergarten for 12 years and I had to teach phonics. I taught whole groups first. I created a power point for each of the different sounds. I used phonic skills packets for each new skill taught. I used phonic poems and word sorts for all level of students.

Study Skills

I Tutor students after school in 1-6 grade. I frequently deal with struggling students in math and daily homework. I also help them study their spelling to prepare them for their spelling test. First these students, I focus on how to manage time, how to manage the material, note taking and how to prepare for learning and how to prepare for a test. I have also tutored in adult education. The ones that needed help passing their GED. I helped them to read and to understand what they read. I taught them why it was important to learn to read and why we repeated over and over.


Students had to learn the correct way to sit before beginning to write, They had to sit with feet on floor, back touching the chair, arms angled to paper. I attended workshops on handwriting using the Palmer's hand writing method. I had to teach handwriting in Kindergarten. I taught letter formation. The first thing they would learn to write was their name correctly. They had to learn to write upper and lower case letters. I taught a letter a week. I also had to teach them how to hold a pencil correctly. We used crayon and thick pencils. We practiced with play dough. To help students build their muscles we did daily ABC fingerspelling practice. This help build their small muscles that was needed for writing. I also used letter blocks, dotted letters that they could trace with their fingers and then trace with a crayon or a pencil.