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Math, Science and More! Let's Enjoy the Learning Process.

My name is Daniel, and I love helping students to improve in Math and Science. I attended U.C. Santa Barbara, ranked 33rd in the World's Top 200 Universities, and graduated with a degree in Communication. I've been tutoring for the past 9 years and have worked with students at many different levels. My unique approach to tutoring involves working with each student according to their learning style, while also introducing new mental methods when appropriate. My background in communication all... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 is my favorite subject to teach. It's complex at times, but the simplicity is also there. So, I take great care to slowly cover each relevant concept, so my student really understands the the tools needed to solve any Algebra 2 problem, themselves...and not just once!





Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Word



Foundational mathematic relationships is at the core of higher cognitive reasoning. We want to ensure that each component, every operation, is understood so that we can be at the cutting edge of processing information. nothing establishes more self-esteem than this in a peer filled, public classroom.






SAT Math




SAT Reading


ACT Reading

ACT English

ACT Math

ACT Science

Elementary Math

Elementary Science

Study Skills

I have extensive experience with note taking and organization while attending a top tier university. Since then, I've helped several students develop methods to become organized and empowered to direct themselves effectively through school. Trying out various tools such as the Cornell note-taking method and the 2 week rule to create a relaxed study rhythm, will allow us to discover what makes the most sense for an individual student before we practice implementing and developing these remarkably effective habits for academic success.


I have worked with several ADHD diagnosed students (ages 8-22) and successfully provided assistance to them. I work full time as an education technology consultant and part of my job has been doing adequate research of ADD/ADHD. I have a well established technique that helps these struggling students regain their focus for extended periods of time. By first developing a relationship of trust with each student, we can work together to also improve their overall attitude toward school, learning and homework.


Dyslexia as defined by our mainstream culture is not curable. I don't see this issue through that lens. There is a deeper understanding to be held. I have helped many kids slow down and retrain "problem words" to ultimately write and speak with the confidence they were meant to have.