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Teaching in the Public Schools I am an experienced teacher that has taught in the public schools for over three decades at virtually all grade levels, though the majority of the years were at the elementary level - mostly fourth and fifth grades. I also have taught remedial reading and writing at the middle school level, and social studies (current world problems and US history) at the high school level. As a remedial reading and math teacher several years in the elementary, I gained experien... [more]

American History




I am a Idaho certified elementary and secondary teacher with endorsements in elementary teaching, and social studies, French and Spanish at the secondary level. I also have a masters degree in school administration. I taught 33 years in the public schools, with the majority of those years at the 4th and/or 5th grade level.



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Elementary Math

Elementary Science

Elementary (K-6th)

I am a certified public school teacher with 33 years of experience teaching in public schools. 26 of those years were at the elementary level - mostly at the fourth-grade and fifth-grade level. But I also have two years experience at the second-grade level. I have four years as a Title I remedial reading teacher (with two at the middle school level, and two at the elementary school level.) I taught all subjects, even including PE, art and music - depending on the school district, as well as remedial summer school for many years.


The majority of my 33 years as a public school teacher were at the elementary school level. I spent several years teaching at the 2nd-grade level, and four years as a Title-I reading specialist, ranging from kindergarten to middle school. Phonics was crucial at all levels, but was a constant in the primary grades. I worked with SIPPS, Rewards and Open Court, among other phonics programs or phonetic-based components of programs.

Study Skills

I have worked with low-academic, at-risk students both inside and outside of my 33 years of teaching in the public schools, ranging from primary students to adults. In many cases, study habits, attitudes and study skills were as or more important than the actual academic training. I have a significant among of experience of working one-on-one or with small groups in showing the thought process and systematic steps in problem solving and studying.

Social Studies

Besides an endorsement at the elementary level, I also am endorsed for secondary social studies. My experiences include being a summer intern in congress, having two state concurrent resolutions passed in which my fourth-grade students gave the opening debate in both the state House and Senate committees, hosting visits to our classroom and school by a state governor, a US congressman, the city mayor and several state legislators. I have taught US history, state history and some world history. I have lived in diverse cultures, including South America as a Peace Corps volunteer and in the Alaskan bush on the Iditarod Trail.

Political Science

Besides having an elementary teaching certificate, I am also certified at the secondary level in social studies. I have taught current world problems for high school seniors (a required class for graduation in the state of Washington) which is based on the principles of government (political science) and economics. I have also taught American government with high school seniors when I completed my secondary level student teaching. I have taught government (along with history) at the fourth (state government) and fifth-grade (federal government). This is included students traveling to the Idaho Statehouse and gave testimony (opening debate) in Senate and House committees for two consecutive years. I have also taught government as part of the GED program for two different institutions (Boise State University and Trapper Peak Job Corps.)


The majority of my 33 years teaching in the public schools was at the elementary level, mostly fourth and fifth grade. Penmanship was a key subject for third and fourth graders, as well as a subject that continued to be stressed at the fifth-grade level. Most of my experience was with D'nealian, and to a lesser extent with Zaner Bloser. My emphasis was with good hand posture (for the sake of comfort) and writing with clarity.