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Sherrie C.


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Creative and Patient Tutor

I am a certified teacher, highly qualified in Language Arts. I also have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a minor in Biology as well as an MBA. I have taught at all grade levels and believe a student can excel when their strengths are recognized and built upon. I also believe it is important to build trust with the student and parent. I like to work with a variety of materials that begin at the student's level of understanding and go from there, until goals are met. I use different mate... [more]



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Special education teacher, highly qualified in language arts. I understand the dynamics of reading and written language. I am very patient, understanding and develop good relationships with kids.


I have three college degrees, so I have written a lot of papers myself and understand the pressure a student can feel to complete an assignment on time. As a teacher, I understand and teach the process and mechanics of writing a well thought-out and comprehensive paper.





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Elementary (K-6th)

I am a certified K-12 teacher. Prior to enrolling at Western State, I had to take and pass an Elementary Education exam to qualify for my education program.


I am Highly Qualified in Language Arts and a certified Special Education Generalist. I have taught reading intervention classes and am very familiar with a variety of programs. I test to identify gaps in student knowledge so that methods to bridge gaps can be identified. I also like to build on strengths so that students understand that they have skills in certain areas. This boosts their confidence and helps to keep them engaged.

Special Needs

As a certified Special Education K-12 Generalist, I have worked with students whose challenges range from specific learning disabilities to multiple handicaps. When teaching, I differentiate instruction to fit their learning style and instructional level.


I have a Master's Degree in Business Administration. Prior to teaching, I worked as a corporate manager. My responsibilities included budget analysis and project management.


I am a certified Special Education Generalist in K -12. I received my certification in 2009 from Western State College of Colorado. I have taught special education exclusively throughout my career as a certified educator as well as a substitute teacher. Many of the students I teach have had an element of ADD/ADHD that contributed to their learning challenges. I am also the parent of a student with ADD and understand the variety of issues confronting these students. I like to use a variety of tools to keeps lessons interesting and the student engaged.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I have worked with numerous students on the Autism Spectrum. I am a certified Special Education Generalist.I have supported their academic, behavior and social goals with a variety of methods specifically designed for their learning style in conjunction with additional challenges they may have. I enjoy these students very much as each one is unique and gifted in their own way. I also understand the behavioral issues associated with Autism and work patiently with them to gain their acceptance.