Betty M.

Betty M.


Elk River, MN 55330

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Passion for making learning enjoyable!

I love learning and having FUN. I think of challenges as puzzles and enjoy breaking things down step-by-step in order to understand. This is the philosophy I apply to teaching others. I completed my B.S. at the University of Minnesota and my M.S. at Penn State. My area of study was Agricultural Economics, which heavily focused on business, economics, and mathematics. I survived and succeeded in these areas by applying them to real-world situations, rather than think of them as big and... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 2


I have a Master's in Applied Economics and completed my thesis utilizing financial modeling (real options analysis). I've worked in lending and taught small business education, including Calculus.



Tutored other students in this subject with positive reviews


I have tutored several students in precalculus, Masters degree in Applied Economics, completed math courses above and beyond precalculus, extensive tutoring background.



Elementary Math


I took 3 semesters of undergrad macro and 3 semesters of undergrad micro. I've also completed graduate level econ courses and have my MS in Applied Economics.



My bachelor's degree is in Agricultural Business. I completed 3000-level courses in Marketing, Management, and Finance. I have worked as a loan officer and for the past six years I have worked for a Fortune 100 company.


I have a Master's degree in Applied Economics. I took one year of doctoral-level econometrics. In addition, I completed undergraduate statistics.

Linear Algebra

I have a Master's of Science in Applied Economics. This degree required me to use panel data (matrices). Principles of linear algebra abound as a result of matrixed data. While in graduate school, I completed a "math camp" course where we studied the theory of linear algebra. In addition, I completed an upper-level linear programming class which required linear algebra as a prerequisite. I received an A in this course.