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Certified Teacher K-12 to University with a Master's Degree.

I am a Certified Teacher with a Master's Degree from the University of Houston, a Diploma from the Curtis Institute of Music in vocal performance, and a Masters in Progress in Creative Writing. I am a published artist with a book of Poems accepted at the Library of Congress. I can teach Music, Spanish, Language Arts, English, Literature and Creative Writing from K-12 to College. I also work as a language teacher in Spanish for the Berlitz Language Center. My forte in teaching is my ability ... [more]




I taught reading at the Rosenberg Elementary in Galveston, Texas, for three years. I was certified through a Master's Degree from the University of Texas. I also have 9 credits in creative writing at the University of Connecticut and have taught as a substitute teacher in Connecticut as well as in Dallas Texas.


I studied Spanish Literature with my BA Degree and I teach at Berlitz International Language Center where I teach Gov. students who are going out of the country to speak and to show knowledge of the literature and poetry of the country as a way of learning to converse and to understand the country.




I have taught English to students who are learning a language as adults but I have also taught English to students who need help with grammar or creative writing. I have experience in creative writing and wrote a book of Poems registered at the Library of Congress.



Ear Training

I studied Solfege at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. It qualifies me to read music. I also have a BA degree in Music which means I studied reading of music with movable DO. At Curstis I studied with Fixed DO. I also have studied piano, solfege and theory at the Mannes School of Music as a review of my fields for two years. I can read music using solfege but also letters with a movable DO.

Elementary (K-6th)

I am qualified through a teaching certificate to teach Spanish K-12, Bilingual Education or English as a Second Language. I also am certified as a Spanish teacher and as a classroom teacher in all elementary subjects, and a Music Teacher on all levels. My BA is in Music and Spanish and my Masters qualified me as an ESL Teacher.

General Music

I have a BA degree in Music and I went to one of the best schools in the country, the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia where I studied vocal performance. There I did vocal music in Spanish English, Italian, French and German. I enjoy opera and symphony and travel to other countries to hear musical performances. I love world music also, including the Caribbean Is. music and music from the Indians in Latin America or Jazz in North America. I love music but my training is as an opera singer and concert singer.


As a Bilingual Teacher I was trained to teach Phonics and to work with children. My first appointment was in a 1st Grade Classroom where I taught reading, Phonics, with emphasis on the difference sounds and the ability to duplicate and understand the phonetic system in English through exercises and games. I am trained at teaching language of which Phonics is a major component.

Voice (Music)

I graduated with a Diploma from the Curtis Institute of Music for Vocal music. I also have a BA in music from Viterbo College and my instrument was voice. I have been a professional singer of Opera and Art songs in Italian, German, French, English and Spanish.


I taught handwriting to children in 1st grade for three years. I created my own bulletin boards, examples and decorated my class using handwritten so ties and pictures which were all done in my own hand. I used large table paper in individual pads, and the children wrote the letters nice and large and even. The lines were usually divided by an interrupted line in the middle between the upper and lower line. The lower case letters were written from the broken letter down, except for the stems in b,l,d etc or the upper case letters which began on the upper unbroken line and went down to the bottom line. Handwriting is fun, and it is very rewarding to see ones work.

Common Core

Common Core is the acceptance of the basic and most important components in education that impact a child's learning and ability to continue learning. I equalizes the standards throughout the country to which teachers are held and schools must provide. As a degreed teacher with a Masters I am qualified to teach Common Core subjects Arithmetic, Reading and Writing especially in the K-6 grades. Without proper knowledge of Common Core subjects children cannot move forward on the educational leader and will eventually need help or may not finish their education.


I teach language to students and tutor students outside of school. I create their programs and chose what they will need and make evaluations of their skills. I am qualified with my Masters and Certifications to work with Home School children in my areas of expertise.