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I am an experienced teacher and tutor with 40 + years of experience. I hold a Master?s Degree plus 39. I am certified in the states of Tennessee and Kentucky in subjects in both the Sciences and Humanities and in Gifted and Talented. I tutor in all subjects with the exception of Spanish, Chinese, and upper level mathematics. I also work on test preparation for college and other areas including GED, and TOEFL. I currently teach English Writing and Literature at Nossi College of Art. I wor... [more]

Algebra 1

American History





European History










I hold certificates from Oxford in both teaching EFL and TOFEL preparation. I have worked with EFL students in my regular teaching classes in College English and other subjects. I encourage both speaking and writing skills particularly with my adult students.



World History




SAT Reading

SAT Writing





Art History



ACT Reading

ACT English

ACT Math

ACT Science

Elementary Math

Elementary Science

Elementary (K-6th)

I have graduate classes in teaching elementary education. I hold at K-12 professional teachers certificate in the state of Tennessee. The Elementary Education is in grades K-8 which allows me to teach all subject areas. I taught elementary for 5 years at grassland Elementary School where I taught a split 2/3 class and then taught 4th grade for 4 years. I also have worked with EFL students who are elementary level to improve their English and writing skills. My teaching Certificate expires in 2020. Special emphasis on my work with elementary students was in Language Arts, Social Studies and Science and Math. My Master?s degree is in Gifted and talented Education.

Study Skills

I have worked with students to develop study skills in my elementary classes as well as in my beginning writing classes in college and high school. I have taught study skills in a class at college called Success Strategies which teaches students how to use their time efficiently and to focus on studying effectively. This class also teaches students how to read for comprehension and understanding which is an essential skill for all areas of the curriculum.


I have graduate classes in theater and have taught theater at both the high school and college level. I have sponsored theater groups at high school level and have coached students for performances in theater competitions with the English Speaking Union?s International Shakespeare Competition. My students performed the musical Oklahoma and the next year, they wrote and performed an original musical called Good Old Cantaloupe Days based on their little town. These were both very successful.


I have many graduate and undergraduate courses in Zoology. I have taught Biology classes in both High School and College which include Zoology as a major component of the course. these classes included General Biology, Zoological anatomy, comparative anatomy of animals and humans, and other classes specifically related to anatomy and physiology of animals.


I have taught pre-professional classes in Pre-Med studies for many years. I have a Master?s degree plus 39 with many courses in the subjects that are included on the MCAT. I have tutored several students in preparing for this exam in the past and all did well. I have worked in the Medical field in the past and have used this experience to work with my students who are studying to enter Medical School or other medical fields. I have a broad background in both the Sciences and the Humanities and this is important in preparing for the General knowledge portion of the MCAT exam.


I have several classes in Genetics in college and graduate school and my graduate thesis addressed the inheritance of traits related to talent and giftedness. I have worked with several projects in Genetics and also taught genetics as part of Science classes at college such as physiology and general Biology. I have an interest in Genetics because I have bred Siamese and Oriental cats for 40+ years and have tracked their genetic inheritance to improve the line of breeding.


I have coached students to take the ISEE test for several years and am familiar with this test and its parts. I have used the preparations for this test similar to the preparations for the ACT and SAT tests. This test is used as an admission test for most private schools in this area so it is important that students are able to achieve good scores in reading and math.

Organic Chemistry

I have graduate course work that includes organic chemistry. I have taught Chemistry for the Health Sciences for many years and this course includes Inorganic, Organic and Biochemistry and is designed to teach students in the Health Sciences the basics of all three disciplines to use in their career fields. I have also taught Organic chemistry as part of the curriculum for general chemistry in high school and college.


The Praxis Tests are tests of a students ability to understand and teach a specific subject area. Praxis tests are similar to the ACT/SAT tests in format. I have taught education classes and specific subject matter for 40+ years and have helped prepare students to take these tests successfully. I have also worked with students in specific subject areas for the Praxis and feel that individual assistance on this test is valuable for understanding similar to the ACT.


Nutrition is a part of the overall nursing curriculum and is included in the Biochemistry, General Chemistry for the Health Science and the Anatomy and Physiology courses. I have taught all of these courses to pre-professional students and tutored students in Nutrition in the past. This subject and its implications have been part of the curriculum that I have taught and tutored in Physiology and Chemistry on the college level.


I taught elementary school for 5 years and handwriting was included as part of my curriculum. I also teach handwriting to students in EFL that I tutor so that they can write properly. I also do calligraphy and use this when I am writing my books and other writing that I do personally. This is helpful when instructing students in the proper way to form letters and write legibly.