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Mathematician, Physician, and Teacher

I majored in mathematics at Northwestern University and received an honorary key. I ultimately went to medical school and took electives in biostatistics. I was a clinical instructor at The Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan and Wayne State University. I taught medical math including algebra to medical personnel. I also offered courses to students who were hopeful in entering nursing or medical school (TEAS, MCAT). I never lost my passion for math and frequently took online courses. Afte... [more]

Algebra 1

Dear Parents and Students, Algebra 1 is the cornerstone for higher mathematics. It involves the concepts of prealgebra as well as many new concepts. It can feel almost overwhelming in trying to master these skills. Oftentimes, one concept is quickly introduced after another. I go over each concept and progress at the rate of the student. Sometimes just repeating the exercises in a slightly different way is all that is necessary for success. Some of the students have raised their grade two levels. Thank you for allowing me the privilege to tutor your child.

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 does not have to be frustrating! Some students might not have mastered the concepts of algebra 1. We go over certain principles and fill in any gaps, making algebra 2 easily mastered. I have devised many approaches so the student can select the best one for him.


I enjoyed tutoring all levels of mathematics. I have taught basic and advanced geometry, including coordinate geometry and trigonometry. In my profession as a doctor, geometry was especially valuable in statistical research. With the advent of new math, students can become very frustrated. Do not be discouraged! I have worksheets and websites that brake down complex problems to straight forward solutions. In college I tutored many people in advanced algebra only to find difficulties in basic geometry. I found this equally true when I tutored algebra on this website.


ear Parents and Students, Prealgebra is the cornerstone to algebra. Fundamental concepts need to be mastered to succeed in higher mathematics. I have devised " worksheets" to identify what areas the student needs to improve in to ensure success. Often, the student needs assistance in only a few areas to prepare him/her for his journey into algebra. I have had students greatly benefit from my tutoring. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be your tutor.


Of all subjects I tutor, I enjoy tutoring precalculus the best. I am continuously educating myself in this area.I recently completed TWO review course in precalculus. I am now taken a calculus/advanced trig from the University of Padona in Italy. I have taught this subject for over 5 years, typically to high school or college students, but also engineers at Wayne State University in Michigan. My most valuable teaching tool is the computer with the graphing calculator. I can visually point to the asymptotes, vertex, range and domain. If the student can VISUALIZE the problem, he/she can more easily master it. I find great delight when the light bulb connection occurs with my students!!


SAT Math

The math SAT can be a difficult test. It requires both math and some VERBAL skills. Sometimes solving the problem is not hard if the student knows what is being asked. I offer strategies to all aspects of problem solving. Because the questions are mostly multiple choice, I expose the students to different ways to solve the question: process of elimination, abstract reasoning, graphic representation, etc. It is not unusual for my students to achieve 60-85 more points with short term tutoring. Thank you for reading my profile.



I review core arithmetic skills including long division and multiplying/dividing with decimals. The tricky questions usually involve decimals. Once this is mastered, most of the arithmetic reasoning problems can be answered rapidly. The other required skills include math reasoning, primarily basic algebra. There are about ten different types of problems Once you are shown how to solve them, you will be able to do them independently. I started teaching standardized tests when an instructor at Wayne State University over thirty years ago. The classes were so successful that I taught individual standardized tests. ..ASVAB. I was uniquely qualified since I majored in math, minored in English and was a physician, very familiar with anatomy and physiology. I was delighted when my students achieved a high score with limited tutoring.


My sub specialty in mathematics was probability theory. I took additional classes in medical school to advance my knowledge in this area. I have tutored students who have raised their SAT math scores by 80 points. These students had scores from 470-550. One student had a learning disability. Additionally to raising their tests scores, they improved at least one grade point in high school mathematics. I majored in mathematics in college and received an honorary key in this subject. I appreciate the opportunity to tutor your child.


The PSAT can be formidable since you have not been exposed to these types of questions. I will help you identify problem areas and offer various strategies to solve these problems. Getting an early start by preparing for the PSAT will maximize your performance on the SAT. Thank you for considering me as a tutor!

ACT Math

I have tutored students who have raised their SAT math scores by 80 points. These student had scores from 470-550. One student had a learning disability. I majored in mathematics in college and received an honorary key in this subject. I appreciate the opportunity to tutor your child.


I have been tutoring the TEAS for over 10 years. I was a doctor at the Rehabilitation Institute of Detroit. I was asked to teach nurses medical math. I enjoyed this so much that I also decided to teach anatomy/physiology at the University of Virginia. Several nurses had friends who asked for tutoring for the TEAS. Thus, I started over 10 years ago. I furthered my teaching at the facilities I was affiliated with.(Wayne University, Virginia University) where I tutored individuals AND classes in preparing for the TEAS. In addition to the TEAS, I expanded my tutoring to the CLEP and other standardized tests.