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Cheyenne K.


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Effective Language Tutor Specializing in French and English Grammar

Bonjour! My name is Cheyenne, and I am an aspiring French teacher. I am a 2017 USF graduate with a BA in French Language and Literature and a minor in Linguistics. I have studied French for over six years, while tutoring it for four. I have taken courses at all levels from High school French I and II, through College levels French I,II, and Intermediate French I, II, French IV, French Composition, and French Conversations I & II, as well as many courses in the 4000 level. I absolutely love s... [more]



I plan to become a teacher in French. I've completed all high school levels, as well as college levels through the 4000's. I have taken French I, II, III, IV, as well as French Conversation I & II, Composition, and various French Literature courses. I've been learning and speaking French for over six years and tutoring the language for two years. I graduated from USF December 2017 with my BA in French and in August 2018 I will be a French MA student.




English is my native language. I have taken English Language and Literature courses through out my entire academic career (14 years).




I am a native English speaker, and I have studied Spelling for 14 years. I have never tutored Spelling more than helping my nine-year-old sister with her vocabulary and spelling homework, but she seems to think I'm very helpful!


I am currently minoring in Linguistics. For this minor, I have taken many phonetics courses throughout my studies. I have taken specialized courses in French phonetics as well as English phonetics. In these courses, I have learned phonics as well as the anatomy of speech.


My knowledge of phonics goes hand in hand with speech. I have studied speech from an analytical view. By taking Phonetics courses, I have studied Speech patterns as well as International Phonetic Alphabet. I have used IPA to further my knowledge of speech sounds and their applications.