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Science and Math Tutor

Every time I inform people that I graduated from Louisiana State University with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry, they almost always tell me how difficult Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics were for them when they were in school. Unfortunately, this is due to the lack of interactive experimentation in the classroom. I personally believe it is easiest to understand science and math when you are given real life examples and through experiments. Since this is true, I try my best to employ this... [more]

Algebra 1

All throughout high school and even in college, I have helped many students with algebra. The students I worked with all improved their grades dramatically once I began tutoring them. One of my favorite experiences tutoring a student in algebra was when she had a F at midterms and by the end of the year, she received a B! She didn't let her learning disability hold her back!

Algebra 2

I have tutored students in Algebra 2 for over 10 years and have improved all of my students' understanding of the material. One of my students was failing the course until their third quarter. Once I started working with them, we improved their last two semesters grades and they ended the year with a passing grade!


As a Chemistry PhD student, I have taken many biology courses. Biology courses have a lot of information for students to remember and I always help my students develop strategies for remembering that information. I apply the material to real life situations which has helped all of my students improve their grades.


I have worked with students in calculus 1, 2, and 3 and helped them all improve their grades. The main trick to tutoring this course is showing students patterns to look out for in various types of problems. I also have my students practice problems regularly to increase the pace at which a student can complete an exam. This is important because in many calculus courses, time limitations on exams is problematic.


My undergraduate degree is in Chemistry and I am about to start my PhD in Chemistry in the fall of 2016. I have tutored all levels of Chemistry and I have even acted as a teaching assistant at the college level for Chemistry courses. I can tutor all levels Chemistry and would be happy to help people prepare for exams as well.

Microsoft Excel


Helping students write proofs and understand the logical pathways to follow in order to solve various problems is the main focus of the coursework. There are also various equations and rules that must be memorized for geometry. I help students come up with tricks to memorize these equations and rules.





I have worked with students at various levels of Spanish improve their pronunciation, grammar, writing, reading and speaking skills. I have more experience working with students at the levels of B1 and below.




I have helped both adults and children improve their conversational English skills. For adults, I improved business English and scientific English writing skills.

SAT Math


Physical Science

I help students understand the various concepts and theories in the physical sciences through real work applications. Recognizing tends and connections between the sciences improves the student's understanding and also results in higher performance in the classroom.

Art History

ACT Math

I have successfully improved the scores of many of my students in the ACT and SAT math sections. In addition to the ACT math, I have helped students improve their ACT science scores.

ACT Science

As a scientist myself, I feel very confident in improving the ACT science scores for all of my students. I will review different strategies on data interpretation which is what this section of the test is all about. I will also relate the section to their knowledge from their schooling.

Elementary Math

Building the foundation for math during elementary school is crucial for enabling students to succeed in future math and even science courses. At this point in a students journey, showing students what they need to memorize and encouraging them to practice these skills is necessary. After those skills are developed, I work with students on advancing their understanding of applying this knowledge to other types of math problems.

Elementary Science

Helping elementary students understand basic scientific concepts and helping them know which types of questions to ask is extremely important at this stage in their science studies. I always explain concepts through real world examples so students understand more challenging theories.

Study Skills

Throughout my years of tutoring, I have worked with many students on their study skills. I always strive to find the best studying strategies for my students. These studying strategies range from person to person and subject to subject so I am always sure to help my students find out which studying methods work best for them for each subject they encounter.

Organic Chemistry

I have tutored organic chemistry ever since I took the class four years ago. My strategy for tutoring this class is helping students organize the reagents in a meaningful way so they will be able to write synthesis reactions on their tests. I also stress general chemistry concepts (ex: chemical structures, acids and bases, electronegativity, thermodynamics, etc.) while tutoring this course to help students learn how to intuitively solve problems. This is especially useful when taking tests with free response questions.