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Fun, innovative, and up to date reading, phonics and English tutor

For many years I have worked with children and adults who needed help with language and reading acquisition. This has been with dyslexic students, those who are ADHD, those who want to learn English, and others who were school phobic. I like to be innovative and knowledgeable when tutoring each individual as a unique and special person. I am fun and work on ways to increase confidence. I have a Master's degree in Education, training in Lindamood Bell Visualization and Verbalization, Orton-G... [more]


My family was well educated so I grew up speaking correct English. I also was fortunate to have extraordinary elementary school English teachers. In addition, I taught English as a second language in Japan for nine years. I was selected to teach the powerful ministry of Trade and Industry because I spoke correctly. Japanese students study English in their middle school. Their teachers are Japanese and have learned English "by the book". Their English is not every day English as we speak it, but is similar to the proper English books they have studied. When I taught them I needed to tell the difference between proper English as they have learned and spoken daily English with all of our metaphors, idioms and newly acquired words.


Besides earning a degree in how to teach reading, I have tutored in schools to learn how theory is applied in the schools and how to actually teach kids. I assisted an extraordinary teacher at Washington school, Caldwell for four years and learned her techniques. There are ways to help kids to bypass their confusion and resistance.


I have had my writing published in a newspaper and magazines. I've taken numerous classes on how to write and taught writing to Japanese students in a university near Tokyo (Kitakoshigaya, Bunkyo University).


During the 9 years I taught English as a second language in Japan, I taught Japanese business men through Time/Life, which had a division that wrote English as a second language material and provided a teacher to teach that material. A team of salesmen sold the package of material and teacher to important Japanese businesses. While working for them I also taught at the powerful ministry, The Ministry of Business and Industry. I then taught at two universities. My teaching skills had become known well enough that while visiting my son when I was on vacation in the US, I received an offer from a university professor to come teach at her university. I was happy to accept.


I have assisted many students who are studying to pass their GED exams.


Elementary Math

One of the events that qualifies me to help children learn math is an extensive work shop I took called "Math Their Way". We put together manipulative objects designed for children to touch, move around and visualize in order to understand math. By using these objects I have been able to help children learn what math is all about.

Elementary (K-6th)

For 3 years I was in a K-6th elementary school in the position of a certified, specialist aide, who assisted teachers who needed help with some of their students. Following that, for the past 10 years I have tutored students K through adult in their homes. Because of my experience and Master's degree in education with standard certification in special education, I have been successful in helping students move up to grade level.


While working as a certified, specialist aide, I spent 3 years in a kindergarten classroom interacting with students as they learned the sounds of letters. These activities combine motion, sound and sight. In addition to having the opportunity to practice with the kindergarteners, I assisted with a learning specialist teaching a program of sounds and mouth placement for older students in order to improve their ability to use phonics. These experiences added to my educational background as a certified special education teacher.

Study Skills

I have a Master's degree in education and a standard certificate to teach special education. For the past 10 years I have taught students K through adult in their homes focusing on 3rd through 7th grades. I include instruction in study skill methods as an essential part of learning.


For the past 10 years I have been tutoring struggling students in their homes. Some of these students have had ADD/ADHD. Because I have a Master's degree in Education and am certified in special education, I have been successful in helping these students find ways to manage their energy and focus in order to become successful students.


I am trained to use the Lindamood Bell visual/verbal program, which is designed for learning disabled and dyslexic students. I also am certified in the program, Structure of the Intellect, which is an early attempt to work on brain training rather than just tutoring. It has many activities useful for helping dyslexic students make new brain connections. My youngest son is dyslexic so I have kept alert and participated with him in new ways to reprocess incoming information and outgoing expression showing understanding. I also use Brain Gym, which is a program of physical exercises, which connect parts of the brain needed for learning and for connecting the two hemispheres. I tutored for the Salem, Oregon school district for 7 years. The children I saw did not attend school for several reasons. Many times the reason was acting out behavior because of frustration with their confusion in the way material was presented. This was often remediated by me, allowing the children to return to school because of the strategies I used as a result of my knowledge of dyslexia.


I have taken classes in teaching English as a second language at Western Oregon State. I had an opportunity to move to Japan where I lived and taught for 9 years. My students initially were business men, housewives and members of the Trade and Industry ministry of the Japanese government. I then transferred to 2 universities teaching English in the international studies departments. I can assist students in their preparation to take the IELTS test in all 4 areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking in either the Academic module or the General training module.