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If you are interested in working with a dedicated professional with passion for education and a love of learning, I am sure I can help you. Please note that the price for music lessons is for 45min. The 1hr rate starts at $45 depending on the distance for travel. My style of teaching is based on a holistic approach, minimum stress and maximum results. I believe that there is always a way to explain any problem, and it is my responsibility to find the right way for each of my students to make ... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra can be sometimes tricky with word problems, and requires creative thinking and use of different rules and graphs. I like get involved in these challenges and help students understand different approaches.

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 requires a good knowledge of Algebra 1, and that includes multiplication table. I found that that sometimes I have to review with my students some topics from Algebra 1 before I can help them with Algebra 2 problems. The word problems are very logical, so the main problem is to get idea how the problems are being set up, and follow their pattern.

American History

Learning about American History requires organization and knowing how to use the cause and effect. A new vocabulary helps, mostly asking why certain events happened, and what caused them.



Microsoft Excel

MS Excel is very user friendly, however it requires knowledge of certain formulas as it is a numerological program. It is very use to set up different types of charts, and it is helpful to have a basic knowledge of MS Word to navigate in Excel. I usually evaluate the knowledge of MS Word before I go on to teach MS Excel. There are many different charts that can be used with this program, as well as helpful calculations. The functions are programmed in the help option. It is also possible to work with graphics, it all depends what are the needs of the Excel project.


Geometry has a lot to do with Pythagorean Theorem and its triples. I usually like to work on real life examples as their applications work the best with my students. Multiplication table is very useful here especially when it come to squaring numbers and finding its square roots. Having basic knowledge of different formulas for areas and perimeters, types of angles and triangles is very important. I usually start with this basic knowledge and work with current problems and functions.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the most common used software on bot Mac and PC. It has many different functions, and it takes practice to know how to use them to format a document. Most of my students use this software and based on their knowledge I always teach them something new to help them format their documents. Most of the functions I use is spacing, use fonts, inserting tables, formatting tables, and inserting images to work with the text.

Microsoft PowerPoint


Prealgebra requires basic math skills as well as knowledge of multiplication table. The topics require word problems, and setting up numbers and this is where my students have most problems. if there are 3 variables and one is missing the set up is always the same, and they can follow a pattern.


Academic reading is different than everyday reading and it requires diverse approaches, depending on types of reading such as persuasive, narrative or cause of effect. I have been teaching it for over 5 years, and also at a college level.

Music Theory


I love to work on essays and to make them good for academic format. I use APA and MLA styles. Creativity is very important here as well as good knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. I also teach different types of paragraphs or essays to ensure consistency in format.


The subject of English comes down to three skills, comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. At any level students need help with most of those components, and reading comprehension directly relates to vocabulary that includes spelling and grammar. I always try to use flashcards and teach all of three skills together. My students have excellent results on ACT, SAT and GRE test, but that also depends how much work they put themselves.


I teach ESOL to both young students and adults. I like concentrating on the academic aspect of learning English. not many teachers have the experience to be able to combine academic and English needs at the same time.

SAT Math



I find this skills very useful for any subject that requires writing. The knowledge of punctuation and basic grammar is a must to be able to prepare for ACT or SAT writing tests or any writing assignment. I always encourage my students to proofread their assignmets and to ask somebody else to do it, sometimes the person who wrote the paper may not see some mistakes.


SAT Reading

SAT Reading requires to know academic vocabulary, and English grammar. The vocabulary helps to understand the test quicker, and as many words can have more than one meaning, it helps to get the text comprehension faster. Both vocabulary and grammar helps also in SAT writing, and understanding the text in what tense it is written, as well as who or what is the subject.

SAT Writing

Being an ESOL instructor I can help your international student with academic reading and writing which maybe totally different than it is in his country. Not every instructor has this type of experience.


I am teaching English to speakers of other languages for 4 years. I took a TOEFL sample test to know what my students should know and how to teach them effectively to pass this test. I prepared students to take TOEFL by implementing in all of my classes reading, writing, speaking and listening exercises as well as oral presentation. I have MA in TESOL and am teaching ESOL to a college level students.


The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is designed as an aptitude test to measure a student's ability in core subject areas independent of a student's school record. This test is similar to ACT test, and the teaching principles are similar as well. I use handouts for areas of problems, and make sure that any underlying areas are addressed as well.

ACT Reading

ACT reading requires specific academic vocabulary as well as basic grammar. This also helps with future test taking such as SAT or writing. Vocabulary can be practiced together with grammar and also included in writing. Knowing types of vocabularies for this test helps understanding the reading part much faster and aslo helps with different questions about the vocabularies words.

ACT English

ACT English requires similar skills as SAT, knowing academic vocabulary and basic English grammar. Knowledge of academic vocabulary helps to understand the text faster, especially that some words may have more than one meaning, and knowing grammar helps to find the subject of the text quicker. Both of them can also help in writing better paragraphs.

ACT Math

Elementary Math

Ear Training

Ear training was part of my music lessons. I had an ear training class in Poland for 12 years.

Elementary (K-6th)

I substitute for Broward County Schools since 2010, mostly K-12 academic subjects. I utor for 5 years and always use customized methods to meet every student's individual needs. I find that most subject are connected to the ability of reading and comprehensive understanding, especially when it comes to science and social studies.

General Music

I have been teaching music for 24 years as a private instructor, and studying it for 18 years as part of my music education in Poland. I also received a BA in Music Education.


I have played the piano for 30 years as part of my music education in Poland and BA in Music Education from Florida Atlantic University.

Study Skills

I have been tutoring for over 20 years and mentoring for 10 years in music and academic subjects. They require different set of study skills and they need to be personalized. Study skills should be based on individual abilities and learning style, and this can be find by taking a test about learning abilities. Knowing how you learn will help you to develop effective study skills faster. I find that consistency is the most important part in studing any subject, but especially in music as it requires development of muscle memory. My students have 90% success rate when taking ACT or SAT tests, or GED and GRE, if they practice preparations on a consistent basis and do their homework. I emphasize the importance of good study skills in every tutoring session. Part of it is following up with homework or extra exercises. Some examples of study skills is to use flash cards for vocabulary learning or multiplications, that you can create yourself, looking for reading examples to practice finding main ideas, also word problems require everyday practice. Working on specific areas that need improvement and focusing on specific problems can be the key to improve in a specific subject. Analyzing problems and finding solutions with practice help bring positive results. Flash cards are very useful and can be used in any situation. Also, finding patterns in reading and in math can help to understand it faster and can be applied across all subjects. Having MA in TESOL helped me understand that most of the skills used to teaching English language can be applied to any other subject.


I am a violinist for 38 years and perform professionally. Violin was my major instrument when I received a BA in Music Education.


Before studying at Broward College I had to take the CLAST myself, and now I have been preparing students for this test for over 10 years. The main components are reading comprehension, writing and Math. This test's skills are similar to SAT test.

Microsoft Windows

As part if my BA degree I took Microsoft Office classes and use them daily, I teach those skills to many of my students that have to do academic writing or presentations. I am fluent in MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Social Studies

I substitute for Broward County Schools since 2010, many times in Social Studies subjects. Social studies requires variety of knowledge and good research skills. It is important to to focus on the topic and look for the right sources that will give valid information.


IELTS test is similar to TOEFL, however it maybe used for employment purposes. Therefore it requires English reading comprehensions, writing and business speaking skills. Business vocabulary depends on the profession, and this is the main difference in this test. It id geared mostly for business professionals, and the reading and vocabulary has to be geared towards specific profession. I use different materials to concentrate on a business English.

Common Core

The objective of the Mathematics Formative Assessment System is to understand student thinking so that teaching can be modified to improve student's achievement of mathematical learning goals related to the standards. Like most formative assessment, MFAS is a process and research suggests that well-designed and implemented formative assessment is an effective strategy for enhancing student learning. This system is available on CPALMS to all stakeholders in Florida, including teachers, parents and students, at no cost. I use different strategies to help students with test taking skills based on the grade level, such as flash cards for math vocabulary and definitions as well as for practice of multiplication. I follow Broward County Public School Curriculum as well as Florida State Formative Assessment System.


I am experienced in home schooling (3 years) where most of my students are signed up with Florida Virtual School.I help parents to sign up for home education and I coach in all academic subjects, organized students' assignments and assessments including Discussion Based Assesments (DBA), and supervised their assignmemts. I also help with required by the county annual evaluation. I used different study skills, checked their tests and assignments for errors and plagiarism. I teach different study skills and helped them prepare for the ACT and SAT test.