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Joshua M.


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Tutor in Programming Languages & English Writing/Grammar

I have loved computers since I was a child, and learned many programming languages through the years. While earning my degree in computer science, I spent a lot of time tutoring C, C++, Java, and C#. I have written professional tutorials for educational websites covering Python, Java, and Scratch programming, including a full course in the Java game engine LibGDX. For personal projects, I've worked in the Unity game engine with C# and on web projects in PHP and Python. My experience has alw... [more]


General Computer


I spent two years writing for a professional education website covering topics in computer science such as programming in Python, Java, Scratch, and PencilCode. In addition, I took several Literature and writing courses in college and have been writing creative stories since childhood.




Python was the first scripting language I learned as a home schooled teenager. I've written for an online course in the language targeted toward 8th grade students, prepared for a course on the Pygame game development library. It's one of my favorite languages: super expressive, easy to pick up, and flexible enough to fit into many different fields.


I taught myself C++ as a teenager, after I had mastered C. I further explored the language during my undergraduate career, as most of the courses required for my B.S. in Computer Science were in C++. During the last year of my undergraduate career, I tutored students in C++. At the same time, and for some time after, I worked in C++ to develop a game engine for an independent studio.


C was my first programming language. I taught myself as a teenager, and have since explored it when C++ felt too heavy for a piece of software. My experience with C++ has strengthened my background in C, as I have become increasingly aware of the differences in the languages.

Computer Programming

I have tutored several languages in computer programming for four years, including C, C++, C#, Java, and Python. I spent two and a half years as a professional writer of computer science courses for Shmoop University. Since then, I have been working as a game developer in Unity.


Formal logic is fundamental to many concepts in Computer Science and programming, which are my specialties. I have written contributions to a lesson in formal logic for a Computer Science course, and I received an A in my Introduction to Logic course in college. Later in college, I tutored several friends taking a similar (although more advanced) formal logic course.


I have used C# in various types of applications including Windows Forms, XNA, Unity, and ASP.NET. In the past few years, During an internship, I used C# to build a web service. I have also made several game prototypes using the Unity engine and kept up my familiarity with the C# language.

Music Production

I have been producing music professionally for video games and YouTube videos for the past year. In addition, I have produced electronic music under various projects for over a decade. This includes composition, production, recording, mixing, and mastering. My primary experience is in FL Studio, but I have also worked in Ableton Live and Cubase.