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World Studies, Theology, Biblical History, Mid East & US Gov Poli

I am a retired USAF Officer and have taught at the university and ongoing adult-education level for several years. I have a BA in Theology/Biblical Studies, a Master of Science in Defense & Strategic Studies, and am a Doctoral Candidate in Global Leadership. I have written and published several papers and articles over the years in these subject areas. Life is learning and learning is life. Come on, let's learn how to learn together!... [more]

American History



European History


Government & Politics

World History

Elementary Science



General Music

I am a pianist and vocalist and have played semi-professionally for approximately 30 years. I have performed in many venues over the years.

Career Development

I have advised several students over the years in career development. I have assisted them with psychological testing to determine their aptitudes and interests and have guided them to and through employment research and testing for several different government and non-profit organizations.

College Counseling

I have worked in university-level education for several years and at 5 different universities and professional schools. I have instructed in the classroom, worked in the Dean of Student Office, and advised students in a variety of academic and non-academic settings.

Criminal Justice

I have worked as a Correctional Officer and Special Operations Response Team member for the US Federal Bureau of Prisons. I have been involved in counter-drug operations with the US military and I have served as President of the Review Board for Detainees in Iraq.


I spent a career in the US military and served as Combat Field Medic with the US Army. I am well-versed in the basics of aerobic and anaerobic fitness. I have conducted calisthenic regimens with the troops both in garrison and field environments.

Political Science

I hold a Master of Science in Defense & Strategic Policy. I served in several staff positions for the US military in both the US and foreign countries. I have served with the US State Department executing and monitoring arms control policy in Europe and the Mid-East.