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Supportive and Knowledgeable Math, Physics, and Engineering Tutor

I majored in Philosophy/Computer Science and minored in Mathematics in college. I tutor math, physics, general engineering, writing and test prep for high school, college and adult students. I also work with mentally disabled, ADD, autistic and bipolar students. During college, I worked as a network engineer, chef and tutor. I teach in a logical and straightforward manner and try to cultivate my students' personal understanding of the material. I accomplish this by giving them plenty of ques... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 1 introduces the basic forms that linear and quadratic equations come in and their corresponding graphs, properties and solutions. We learn new tools for evaluating these equations, such as inequalities, factorization, and simplifying.

Algebra 2

Algebra II focuses on polynomials of degree two and higher, rational expressions, complex numbers, logarithmic and exponential functions, and matrices. The course lays the foundation for pre-calculus and linear algebra.


Calculus is the exploration of approximation and how functions change over time. In calculus one we are introduced to a variety of tools, such as the limit, continuity, differentiation, integration, and the fundamental theorem of calculus. In calculus two we build on our tools of differential and integral calculus and introduce new tools for analyzing series and sequences, such as power, Taylor and Maclaurin series.



I have several years of teaching physics and am able to teach General/Engineering Physics I & II, Modern Physics (Physics III), Classical Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Vibrations & Waves.





SAT Math


I have several years experience tutoring the Quantitative Reasoning (math) section of the GRE.



SAT Writing


I have several years experience at successfully tutoring the Quantitative (math) section of the GMAT.



ACT Math

ACT Science

Special Needs

I've helped a variety of special needs students reach their goals by understanding their unique situation and adapting our sessions to fit their personal needs, pace and learning styles. My experience includes students with ADD, ADHD, AS, dyscalculia and low-functioning autism, and many other special disorders.

Discrete Math

I have experience tutoring several varieties of Discrete Mathematics, including proof, graph theory and combinatorics based versions. Discrete Math is often called 'real world' math, because objects in nature are broken into discrete packets, whether this is energy, material goods or electrical signals.

Differential Equations

I took and passed Differential Equations when I was an Engineering major in college. I have the most experience teaching differential equations as it relates to the physical sciences, such as engineering physics and classical mechanics. Differential Equations is the study of how a function relates to its derivatives; and the solution to a differential equation is a set of functions, rather than the value of one or more variables. It comes in two major forms: Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs), which deal with single variable functions and their derivatives, and Partial Differential Equations (PDEs), which deal with multivariable functions and their derivatives. We learn how to solve a wide range of general DEs (such as first-order, second-order, linear, non-linear, homogeneous and non-homogeneous) and particular DEs (such as Bernoulli, Laplace, Euler?Lagrange and Sturm-Liouville) using several methods (such as separation of variables, undetermined coefficients, Euler?s, variation of parameters and Laplace transformations). An understanding of differential equations is essential to modern mathematics, the sciences and engineering.

Linear Algebra

I have taught Linear Algebra for several semesters and have experience with both engineering and computer science based versions of the course. I also have a good understanding of the applied mathematics and sciences concepts of the subject, such as linear mapping between spaces, complex transformations, and applications to vector fields.