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Hello students and parents! My name is Kody and although I specialize in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) tutoring, I am well versed in and capable of tutoring a wide range of subjects. I graduated from Port Charlotte High School, in Port Charlotte, FL as the valedictorian of a class of nearly 500 students. I was also able to graduate high school with 52 college credits and as both a National Merit and AP scholar. I recently earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mec... [more]

Algebra 1

An in-depth knowledge of algebra is a basic skill necessary for many classes I have both taken and tutored, including physics, calculus, chemistry, mechanical and electrical engineering, and many more. As such, I have more experience in algebra than any other single subject and am confident in my ability to pass these skills on to my students.

Algebra 2

Most of my tutoring experience has been in math and physics courses that require a detailed knowledge of Algebra 2 concepts. As for my own education, I have taken through Calculus 4 (Differential Equations) and received an A in all math classes in both high school and college.



I've taken through calculus 4 (Differential Equations) at the university level and received an A or an A+ in every class. I also earned a 5 on the AP Calculus AB exam in high school. I have been tutoring calculus for a number of years and am comfortable explaining concepts ranging from pre-calc (and earlier) through multi-dimensional calculus and differential equations.


I'm currently pursuing an engineering degree at UK, and I have quite a bit of experience in both math and chemistry. I've gotten an A or an A+ in every chemistry class I've taken including honors and AP chemistry high school, organic chemistry I and II, and chemistry labs in college (where I also received recognition for having the highest grade of all students taking organic chemistry labs. I also received a 5/5 on the AP chemistry exam. That being said, I am neither a chemistry major nor a chemistry professor and our scientific knowledge of chemistry has changed a lot in recent years. There will be times when I will either look up the exact form of an equation or quickly double check my understanding of a concept so that I can be 100% sure I am providing you or your child with the most recent and correct theoretical knowledge of the subject.



General Computer

For better or worse, a large portion of my waking hours are spent working on a computer. Not only has my engineering education focused heavily on the use of computer software, but I have built, modified, and repaired dozens of computers in my lifetime. I have also worked part-time with the Geek Squad.


I've tutored several students specifically in geometry and even more in more advanced mathematical concepts that require a detailed understanding of geometry. Whether you're having trouble with proofs, angle analysis, trigonometry, or any other geometry concepts, we can find a way to facilitate your understanding by building on the basics.


I've taken 4 semesters of physics along with the applicable labs at the University of Miami and received an A in all 6 classes. As a mechanical engineering student, most of my studies revolve around physics in one way or another. In the course of a lesson, we will build on your basic math and problem-solving skills to break down each problem into easy-to-solve steps, tackling them one at a time.



Most of my tutoring experience throughout the years has been in math and math-dependent subjects. I have taken through Calculus 4 at the university level, and tutored students in math from Pre-Algebra through Differential Equations. Whether you're struggling the trigonometry, advanced algebra, or some other concept in Precalculus, I can help you get back on track.



A strong foundation in trigonometry is essential in Calculus, Physics, and Mechancial Engineering courses, of which I have had quite a bit of success. I took a combined college-algebra/precalc/trigonometry/math-analysis class as a junior in high school and, like all other math classes I've taken, received an A. I have also tutored many students in college level algebra, calculus, physics, etc. All of which require knowledge of the fundamentals of trigonometry.




I received a 4 on the AP English Language and Composition and a 5 on the AP English Literature and composition exams. I also achieved perfect scores on both the English and reading sections of the ACT. I have experience proofreading and aiding in drafting of essays and can aid with grammar and punctuation, reading comprehension, rhetorical analysis, and test prep.

SAT Math




ACT Reading

ACT English

ACT Math

While test prep can be a stressful time for all involved, my method of breaking every problem down into its simplest parts that can be understood one at a time takes a lot of pressure off of the student. In addition to helping the student master that math concepts tested on the ACT, we can work together on practice tests to make sure the student is a comfortable as possible with the process once test time rolls around. In high school I received a 33 on the ACT on my first try.

ACT Science

Elementary Science

Differential Equations

I took Ordinary Differential Equations (Often titled Calculus 4) at the University of Miami and received an A+ in the course. In addition to this course, my engineering studies and research require me to repeatedly make use of skills handling complex differential equations. My tutoring method involves building on the concepts of previous calculus courses and simply applying these same skills and strategies to DE's.

Computer Programming

I've taken and excelled in a number of university-level computer science and programming courses. I regularly code in Java, visual basic, and C/C++. I specialize in Java and can guide your understanding of an array (pun intended) of many computer-related topics. I have a thorough understanding of object-oriented programming, inheritance, exception handling, over-riding, over-loading, data structures, data types, software design, recursion, reflection, algorithm and software development, etc. I have experience tutoring computer-science majors trying to learn Java as another language as well as beginners who have never written a line of code.

Computer Science

I have studied computer science at the university level in a number of courses including Java, C/C++, and Visual Basic, specializing in object-oriented programming. I can also help you learn how to code for MatLab and the Arduino IDE. I have experience tutoring both absolute beginners who haven't written a single line of code, and experienced programmers looking to become familiarized with a new language. My tutoring method involved learning the basics of the language and following up with progressively more challenging projects that test your understanding of each new topic while building on your experience with previous topics.

Electrical Engineering

As a mechanical engineering major, I have a good understanding of the basics of circuit theory and received an A+ in my own circuit theory class (class average was in the low 60s). Topics I can help you with include, but are not limited to: Ohm's Law, Kirchoff's Rules, basic circuit elements, capacitors, inductors, stead-state and transient analysis, phasors, RC circuits, RLC circuits, DC vs AC analysis, etc.

Mechanical Engineering

I'm a mechanical engineering senior at the University of Kentucky and hope to work in the commercial aerospace industry after my graduate studies. While most of my grades have been A's, I haven't earned lower than a B in any engineering course. I also work the radiation sciences lab designing equipment to study different aspects of plasma and its generation.