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Experienced In-Home Tutor--multiple academic degrees/subject areas

I teach exclusively one-on-one, and specialize in homebound students. I have been a teacher from 1969 to the present day, sometimes full-time and sometimes part-time. I cover a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to English, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, folklore, most maths, history, social science, some sciences, German, French, SAT, and ACT. I am certified in English and math for secondary schools from 6th grade to 12th grade, and I have also taught for 7 years at... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 1 and 2 are two of my favorite specialties. But I teach all of the maths in middle school and high school. As a former double major in college, I also handle English subjects and history as well.

Algebra 2

I have taught Algebra 2 and beyond for many years.

American History



I am a former English major and teacher and have taught English language arts since 1969. Grammar, reading, writing, speech, and literature are all in my wheelhouse.

European History


I cover all maths up to and including precalculus for middle school, high school, and college students, and I do English, reading, writing too. I was a double major in school.



I tutor all middle school math subjects: prealgebra, algebra 1 and 2, trigonometry, precalculus.






I received a BA in English at the Johns Hopkins University in 1968. I received an MA in English Education at Stanford University in 1969 and was certified to teach English in the secondary schools in 1970. Then I taught English in Middle School in California to 7th and 9th graders for two years. I went back to graduate school and got an MA (1971) and a PhD (1974) in Folklore and Literature at the University of Pennsylvania. After this I taught English and folklore at Cabrini College, the University of Oregon, and the University of Kentucky from 1973 to 1981. I then switched to another career for 22 years. But I have been tutoring English, reading, writing as well as math as a part-time job (independent Contract tutor and Homebound teacher) from 1986 to the present. My certification to teach English in California was issued for life. All of my certifications are still updated.


Government & Politics


SAT Math

I was a double major in ELA and math throughout my college training. I will be able to handle all aspects of the SAT and ACT, and I have tutored both of these tests extensively over the last 30 years, but I am not that old.


World History



I have a BA in English, an MA in English Education. I am certified to teach ELA and math subjects for students from 6-12 grades (middle school and high school) and have also taught adult students. I have tutored GED students since 2010.

SAT Writing






ACT English

Elementary Math

All elementary and middle school math subjects, also English (reading, writing, grammar). I am also certified to teach high school subjects in these same areas.

Elementary Science

Elementary (K-6th)

In 1969, I was certified (for Life) to teach English in secondary schools by the State of California when I earned my MA in Education at Stanford University. Since that time, I have added certifications and re-certifications in both English and math in the 1980s through to the current day. I have also taught middle school and high school students in CA, OR, KY, DE, and PA over the years. I did also teach several courses to gifted elementary school students in the 1980s in KY. I believe that I could handle teaching general population elementary school students (K-6) as well, and have actually taught math to several college and university students who were struggling with their "math for teachers" courses as they were attending college-level classes (at Cabrini College, Immaculata University, and West Chester University) toward earning their BA degrees in education.

Study Skills

I have taught study skills often in the last 22 plus years as it relates to specific subject areas, most notably math, English, writing, history, SAT, ACT,and vocabulary development, etc. On many occasion, I have taught several study skills classes that concentrated primarily on the best study skills in general, such as outlining, using mnemonic memory, organization, using the library effectively, planning to write a research paper, etc.

Discrete Math

My teaching certificate for secondary school mathematics was earned in 1981, renewed in 1991, in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, where I taught in the 1980s. My college training and my experience as a teacher included Discrete Mathematics as a subject. I taught Discrete Math in Delaware (2010-2014) on a reciprocal teaching certificate issued in 2012, based on my California teaching certificate (issued for life in 1969) and my Kentucky certificate. I have a BA, two MAs, and a PhD. I also taught at Cabrini College, University of Oregon, and the University of Kentucky at the undergraduate and graduate school levels for a total of 8 years. I also trained in modern computer and graphing calculator applications of Discrete Mathematics. All of the above information above should be more than enough to qualify me in this area of Discrete Mathematics.

Differential Equations

My teaching certificate for secondary school mathematics was earned in 1981, renewed in 1991, in the Commonwealth of Kentucky where I taught in the 1980s. My college training and my experience as a teacher included Differential Equations as a subject. I taught Differential Equations in Delaware (2010-2014) on a reciprocal teaching certificate issued in 2012, based on my California teaching certificate (issued for life in 1969) and my Kentucky certificate. I have a BA, two MAs, and a PhD. I am also trained in modern computer and graphing calculator applications dealing with Differential Equations.


Although I have not taken any courses in ADD/ADHD, I have a lot of personal experience teaching Homebound Students (2010-2014) with a variety of disabilities, including but not limited to ADD/ADHD, sluggish cognitive tempo, dyslexia, math confusion, panic disorder, borderline personality disorder, anxiety issues. etc. As a very patient individual who is good in stress situations, I am a natural in dealing with a wide range of student disabilities--including physical handicaps like impaired sight and hearing.


I have a PhD in Folklore and Folklife from the University of Pennsylvania (1974). This area of study is essentially a study of diverse cultures: regional, local, ethnic, occupational, regional, religious, and even nationalities. I have taught folklore and anthropology courses at the college level at two major universities: University of Oregon (1974-76) and University of Kentucky (1976-81). I have also published many articles on folklore and anthropology. One example is a study I did on Religious folk art of the Ukrainian Community in Delaware. It was sponsored by the Winterthur Museum.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I have worked with two Asperger students in the past for years as their teacher and tutor. I have also read a lot about the illness and have a colleague (teacher) who has Aspergers, and a grandson who is high on the autistic spectrum (and may have Aspergers--too young for official diagnosis). As a teacher, I know enough to express myself literally when imparting information to Asperger students and to express more symbolic and nonliteral information using lots of examples. I can also act appropriately without unnecessary emotions due to their flat emotional personalities. I believe that I have sufficient experience dealing with Aspergers and even other forms of autism to be able to deal with this phenomenon.


In the course of my 20 plus years of teaching and tutoring, I have been called upon numerous times to train students who are going to take either the COOP or the HSPT tests in order to pass an entrance test into the Catholic or other Parochial Schools as an alternative to the Public or non-religious Private Schools. Using a current exam practice book, I have tutored these students in all of the areas of these tests. Of the 10 or more students that I have tutored in this manner, ALL of them scored high enough to earn their way into an appropriate religious school. I am very familiar with the test formats of these tests.


In my 20 plus years of experience as a teacher, I have worked with many students with dyslexia. Among the students who mixed letters up (usually English classes), I had them keep a notebook of their most commonly misspelled words that they needed to refer to when they were proofreading their writing. When it came to reading, I did a lot of reading together with them to catch misspoken words. Of my math students, this was trickier to stay on top of because when the numbers were backwards or upside down, their computations would be compromised. I had to work out a lot of problem solving with them by observing them closely.

Linear Algebra

My teaching certificate for secondary school mathematics was earned in 1981, renewed in 1991, in the Commonwealth of Kentucky where I taught in the 1980s. My college training and my experience as a teacher included Linear Algebra as a subject. I taught linear algebra in Delaware (2010-2014) on a reciprocal teaching certificate issued in 2012, based on my California Teaching certificate (issued for life in 1969) and my Kentucky certificate.


My first major in college for one year was Philosophy, and I took two courses on logic. In my 20 plus years as a teacher, I have taught logic in many math classes (primarily algebra, geometry, and trigonometry). I also incorporated logic into humanity courses I taught, especially when I taught students to write research papers in English, social science, and history classes.


From 1988 to 2010 (22 years), I worked for a Pharmaceutical company as a Promotions Editor for their medical drugs. In that job, I read about and learned about pharmaceutical products for the following disease areas: cardiovascular, respiratory, neurology, psychological disorders, anesthesia, pain management, etc.


I took the Praxis back in 1988 and passed. I have tutored and coached four students in the last 10 years who needed to pass the Praxis in order to become teachers here in Delaware. I have a current guidebook that I use when I take on a college education major who needs help in getting a better score in the Praxis exam.


My graduate work was in the social science of Folklore and Folklife, a social science field which involves fieldwork and study of diverse cultures (sort of local/regional/ethnic anthropology and sociology). I have done research and fieldwork (and published academic articles) and have taught at the college and university levels on these subject areas for 7 years at Cabrini College, the University of Oregon, and the University of Kentucky in the 1970s and 1980s.

Social Studies

I have guided many students in social studies courses in my capacity as a homebound teacher from 2010 to 2014. I read a lot of history and social studies books. I keep current with many social studies issues. Two recent graduating seniors of mine last year wrote papers on social studies topics, which I helped them on. One was on the advantages of women serving in the US military. The other one was on the elements of violence found in the sacred writings of Islam.


I have diabetes and have taken many diet and nutrition courses in the last 25 years. I have also had bariatric surgery in 2014 and took a whole year of courses on nutrition, exercise, diet, and weight management. I have successfully lost 60 plus pounds and now know as much as the average practicing nutritionist about good nutrition.


If by classics, you mean the Greek tragedies, comedies, and philosophies, I have thoroughly studied all of that in my English classes (BA in 1968) and Folklore and Mythology classes (PhD in 1974). I have taught Greek, Celtic, and Teutonic mythology at the college and University levels (1974-81). If you expand Classics to mean aspects of classic literature post-ancient Greece, I have been an English teacher for a very long time, and have often taught the classics of both American and British literature. My background is pretty solid in the Classics.


I have been teaching and tutoring students who are non-native English-speaking students with diverse cultures since my graduate school days in the 1970s. My academic background includes an MA and a PhD in Folklore and Folklife (University of PA, 1971, 1974). Although I do not teach all foreign students on a regular basis, since 1986 a good many of my student clients from a variety of diverse cultures have sought my help in learning to read, write, and speak English. Test preparation for these students is indeed one of my acquired talents that I have developed in the last seven years using a IELTS practice test booklet.

Political Science

I took two courses in political science at Temple University in the 1960s, and I have read many books over the years on politics, history, political parties, world politics, starting with Machiavelli. Most recently I have read a biography of Abraham Lincoln's presidency called "Team of Rivals," which detailed how he governed the US effectively with a Cabinet of rivals that he chose himself. I also recently read a biography about Nelson Mandela and his South African Presidency"called Mandela's Way," which described his successful techniques for leading his country. As a registered Democrat, I have voted in every national election since 1964 and in many state and local elections in eight different States where I have resided. I am proactive and knowledgeable about political science issues on the Federal and state levels. As a homebound teacher, I have had at least five students in the last four years (2010-2014) who have had government, civics, and/or political science classes, in which I have helped guide them. I have also helped three students write political science-oriented research papers on (1) The role of women in the US Military and how it should change, (2) Judicial issues that emerged during the famous Lindbergh Kidnap/Murder Trial, and (3) Lessons learned from the Mandela Presidency in South Africa.

Finite Math

I earned my teaching certificate for secondary school mathematics in 1981 and then renewed it in 1991, in the Commonwealth of Kentucky where I taught in the 1980s. My college training and my experience as a teacher included finite mathematics as a subject. I taught finite mathematics in Delaware (2010-2014) on a reciprocal teaching certificate issued in 2012, based on my California Teaching Certificate (issued for life in 1969) and my Kentucky certificate. I have a BA, two MAs, and a PhD.


In my 20 plus years of teaching experience, I have taught many of my students how to write cursive. We go over the capital letters and the lower case letters. I find this useful for my algebra students because some of the small letters can look like Arabic numbers. For my English students, it provides a more formal and neat look to their handwriting.

Common Core

I have been serving as a Homebound teacher in two local school Districts in Delaware, 2010 to the current time. And in the period extending from 2012-2017, I have been trained to deal with students taking Common Core classes, primarily in Math and English. I have even been certified to administer the "paper and pencil" versions of these State tests to homebound students in that time period in settings/venues other than the standard classroom. I should have no problem teaching Common Core subjects primarily to grades 6-12, where I am duly certified, and to K-5 grades as well.


Since I retired in 2010 from a full-time position, I have been teaching/tutoring students as an independent contract Educator (ICE) on a part-time and sometimes full-time basis. And I have worked as a homebound teacher in multiple academic subject areas for two DE school districts (Brandywine SD and Christina SD) for those students who, for one reason or another, cannot physically attend school and need to be taught in their homes or a nearby public facility. I have a BA (JHU0, two MAs (Stanford, U of PA), and a PhD (U of PA) from years past (1968, 1969, 1971, and 1974). My teaching credentials are still current, and I am qualified/certified to teach math and ELA subjects. However, my experience as a homebound teacher has made it necessary for me to be able to assist students in multiple other subjects, including, but not limited to. history, social science, some sciences, art, computers, technology, sociology, psychology, economics, business, etc. My homebound students range from 4th to 12th grades, and I have often worked with some of these students for over 6 weeks up to 2 years at a time during the school year (and sometimes into the summer months) until they are caught up to their regular school curriculum classes. Homeschool students are very similar to homebound students, with the only difference being that I am their grading teacher in several subjects, not just a "substitute" for their regular in-school teachers. I have had a few homeschool students in the last 7 years.