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Tutoring With Sydney

I am currently a full-time graduate student at Lesley University. I tutor in a wide variety of subjects, and love to share my love of learning with other students. I have a great passion for music, and am studying for my Master's in music therapy and mental health counseling. I am flexible to fit my student's schedules. I can't wait to hear from you!... [more]

Algebra 1

I have had two years of experience taking Algebra I, and passed the class with flying colors. Algebra is the basic knowledge one must obtain before getting into any other math. Not only is it important for school, but it is applicable in real life!



Grammar is a very important skill that one will need for their entire life. I am an English minor in college, which means that I spend lots of time proofreading my papers, checking for spelling and grammatical errors. It is not only necessary for my papers, but for resumes and job applications as well.

Microsoft Excel

General Computer

I currently work as an IT assistant at my college. This includes answering phones and doing general troubleshooting through phone and email for computers and cellphones. Computers and technology are something I am very interested in, and always enjoy helping others learn more about them.

Microsoft Word

As a college student, Microsoft Word is extremely important. Previously, I have helped others with formatting for papers, creating art through the web, and many different settings that are offered through Word. Word can be a very fun program to use, no matter your age. I look forward to being able to tutor someone in it.

Microsoft PowerPoint

As a college student, it is essential to know how to use Microsoft Powerpoint or any other presentation type program. I have used and helped with Powerpoint for many years, to people of all ages. It is a great program to have knowledge about, no matter what level of your education or career you are currently in.



Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I have always enjoyed reading, and have always scored well on reading tests and evaluations in English tests or Regents exams. Reading is an essential in life, and it is essential to have a great tutor to aid in learning to or helping with reading skills.

Music Theory

I have had a year of music theory training. This training includes basics of notes, reading music, composing simple music made of triads or seventh chords, key signatures, and learning basic piano skills. This training has been provided to me through experience in piano as well as classes taken at the college level.



My current minor is in English, and it has always been my best test subject. Reading and evaluating are some of my strong suits. English is a huge basis for future careers and education, which is why I find it to be one of the most important subjects to learn.


As a student working towards being a mental health counselor, I have much experience in an array of branches in the psychology field. I have been educated in developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, introduction to psychology, as well as the psychology of child development. Psychology is an interesting subject to both teach and learn. It seems no matter how many times you take the subjects, you always learn something new.



I have no professional experience in proofreading. However, over time I have learned just how important proofreading is, especially in college. As an English minor, proofreading is very important to me, and I personally feel good proofreading can make or break a well-written paper.

General Music

I am currently a full-time college student studying music and music therapy. I have been educated in a variety of music classes, such as classical piano (formal lessons for 7 years), music theory (1 year), voice (2 years) and history (1 year). Teaching music and all of it's many subcategories is one of my favorite things to do.


I have had approximately 7 years of piano training. My training has been in an array of genres, mostly composed of classical. My tutoring experience so far has been teaching basics to younger adults, including fingering, notes, and simple songs.

Voice (Music)

I have currently had two full years of professional vocal training. I have studied a wide range of genres, but have gained all my technique through learning classical and opera. I can provide the basic skills to begin vocalizing and singing, which includes warm-ups, vocal technique, and breathing exercises. I am also able to help learn brand new pieces, as well as ones that the student knows/requests to learn.