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Clarisa G.


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Professional and Patient K-8 Teacher, Special Needs, Bilingual, ESL

Dear parents, My enthusiasm, dedication, and passion for teaching a broad range of students, such as students with special needs or adults motivated to study English grammar and vocabulary, are rooted in my multicultural and bilingual upbringing in El Paso, Texas. I strive to deliver comprehensive tutoring services with the result that students experience success inside and outside the classroom or workplace. I am a proud graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso (B.S. Ed) and the Univ... [more]


I have worked extensively with boosting students' vocabulary skills. There are many strategies which help build one's vocabulary, which in turn improves the individual's reading skills, conversational and written skills! I have worked with elementary, middle school, high school, college, and professionals who have increased their confidence because their vocabulary improved.


I have taught my children grammar and composition skills Kinder through 12th grade by implementing a college preparatory, accredited home school education curriculum. In addition, my Bachelor of Science in Education and Master of Education degrees along with teacher training and classroom experience, have provided the tools I need to teach students in a multisensory manner. I have learned many different methods and strategies that can help students with learning differences and learning disabilities, including dyslexia. One of the extensive trainings I have is the Alphabetic Phonics/Multisensory Approach, which is a strong, structured phonetics program.


I am home schooling my middle school and high school children so I have taught them prealgebra and algebra. I have a B.S. in Education as well as a Master of Education, with a focus on teaching children with learning disabilities. I use different methods, manipulatives, supplemental materials, and will research to find the best curriculum to match the learning style of the student.


I have a strong educational foundation in teaching reading and writing skills to emergent through advanced readers and writers, including extensive training in teaching phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and text comprehension instruction. In addition, the Alphabetic Phonics/Multisensory Approach and Project Read trainings have prepared me to teach children who are dyslexic and have learning disabilities. Also, my training in English grammar and composition have prepared me to teach the writing process and offer students instruction and guidance in writing skills they need to write across the curriculum.


I have been raised speaking, reading and writing proper English and Spanish in our unique, beautiful, multicultural city of El Paso, Texas. My educational background has consisted of Spanish courses throughout elementary, middle school and college. I have earned a Bilingual Endorsement, having scored 96% on the Texas ExCET Bilingual Education test and an Advanced - Plus or Higher on the Texas Oral Proficiency Test in Spanish. I have studied bilingual special education in graduate school at the University of Texas at Austin.


I have written extensively in my undergraduate and graduate courses and have experience and training teaching the writing process to the emergent writer all the way through high school, including essay writing for the SAT, ACT, university applications and scholarships. I teach students to brainstorm ideas and vocabulary, write an outline, teach the essential parts of a paragraph, write the rough draft, revise for sentence variety and word choice, proofread and edit for conventions such as grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. I have home educated my children through high school and have worked with them on writing a research paper, including gathering sources and making note cards, constructing a thesis and outline, writing different types of compositions, and writing a bibliography and endnotes. In addition, for students who need help with English grammar and sentence structure, I teach the parts of speech and provide practice exercises, including diagramming sentences, which is an excellent tool to picture a sentence and see the relationship of one part of a sentence to another by means of a schematic picture. Sentence diagramming is an excellent aid that facilitates the study of sentence structure, especially in the early stages.


My educational background includes years of training in the writing process, from the grammar component, which is extremely important for building a strong foundation for forming well written sentences, including diagramming the parts of speech, independent clauses and dependent clauses, to guiding students in their writing through mini lessons to provide explicit teaching based on the writers' needs. I earned a Master of Education degree that has prepared me to research and write well and which helps me guide students through the writing process, from brainstorming ideas, outlining, writing a draft, revising, editing for grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation and completing a final copy.


My bicultural and bilingual upbringing in the beautiful city of El Paso has set the foundation for teaching ESL to students of all ages. My education includes a Bilingual Endorsement in addition to a Master of Education with a concentration in Learning Disabilities and Bilingual Special Education from the University of Texas at Austin. Many courses of study that have prepared me to work with ESL students are in applied linguistics and methodology as well as in assessment and a prescriptive approach. Topics studied are on communicative interactive skills, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and reading and writing skills.



I have helped many students with spelling by implementing the multisensory approach to learning used with dyslexic children. I have training in the Alphabetic Phonics/MTA method, which helps students of all ages.

Elementary Math

I am a certified teacher with a Masters in Education degree from the University of Texas at Austin with a concentration in learning disabilities and have over 17 years teaching basic math in preparation for pre-algebra and more advanced mathematics. Different students require a variety of approaches, including manipulatives to grasp abstract concepts, such as decimals, fractions, percents, ratios, and word problems that are critical for entering Algebra I. I patiently tutor students until they fully understand a concept and can work problems successfully.

Elementary Science

As a classroom elementary inclusion and resource teacher, I present abstract science concepts in a multisensory manner. I modify materials as needed and teach students study skills such as note taking, outlining, and drawing diagrams in order to understand the science concepts. We also perform experiments and work in groups. As a home school teacher for grades K-12, I also teach my students to dissect the chapter material by outlining and using the Cornell note taking method.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have a B.S. and MEd. in regular and special education, Elementary, Grades 1-8, and a Bilingual and English as a Second Language Endorsement. I have taught in the El Paso and Austin Independent School Districts for six years and have homeschooled my children using a multitude of curriculums for grades PK-12 for a total of 20 years. I have professional training in the areas of modifying, adapting, differentiating curriculums to meet the needs of various instructional levels, learning styles and multiple intelligences.


My educational background includes various college classes and professional training of comprehension and word analysis word solving skills. In addition, my training includes diagnosis and remediation of students with severe reading disabilities. I have participated in 90 hours of the Alphabetic Phonics/Multisensory Teaching Approach for students with learning disabilities. Also, I have home educated my children using Hooked on Phonics, the Phonics Modern Curriculum Press program, and Montessori multisensory methods to teach vowel sounds and consonants and to create words using a Moveable Alphabet.

Study Skills

I have experience teaching study skills to students of all ages, especially middle and high school age. Two of my own children have ADHD; thus, there are many skills that I have taught them in order to achieve academic success and reach their potential, including applying to various colleges and being admitted to honors colleges. I tutor or coach students in the areas of critical and analytical skills, teach them good study habits such as time management, being aware in advance of deadlines, taking good notes when they read and writing outlines, training them in methods to prepare the "muscle memory" needed for memory training, teach them reading strategies, such as skills for finding the main idea of a paragraph, preparing for tests, planning a study schedule with the parents, and establishing goals to motivate and keep students on track. In addition, there are many executive skills that students need to be taught, such as metacognition and goal directed persistence. I will do an informal assessment to help you identify your teen's executive strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to help him/her. In preparation for college, there are many life skills students will need to successfully navigate to graduation. Thus, I teach students what faculty and academic expectations are and can guide parents of teens with learning disabilities with the process of seeking accommodations for their teens in college.

Special Needs

I am certified to teach special education, grades K-12, and have a Master of Education with a concentration in learning disabilities and bilingual special education from the University of Texas at Austin. My graduate degree has prepared me to work with many different types of disabilities. Also, I have taught learning disabled students, students with dyslexia, and students with ADHD/ADD, and students with speech and language disorders. Throughout my years teaching at the Austin Independent School District, I took many different types of multisensory trainings to help my students be successful. I am trained in the Alphabetic Phonics/Multisensory Approach, Project READ, Early Literacy Intervention Program, and many other methods.


I have a Bachelor of Science in Generic Special Education and a Master of Education with a Major in Learning Disabilities and a Minor in Bilingual Special Education. I have taught in the El Paso and Austin Independent School Districts for 6 years and have received professional development training in Alphabetic Phonics/Multisensory Teaching Approach for dyslexic students, Assessment and correction of reading difficulties, early literacy, gifted and talented training, teaching multiple intelligences, and speech and language assessment for bilingual exceptional children. In addition, I have experience teaching my very own children, K-12, who have had ADHD, learning disabilities, and are gifted and talented in many areas.


My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in special education and a Master of Education with a concentration in Learning Disabilities and Bilingual Special Education. Furthermore, I have a Certificate of Completion certifying I successfully completed 90 hours of Alphabetics Phonics/Multisensory Teaching Approach Training with the Austin Independent School District Dyslexia Coordinator. Additional training includes Project Read for teaching the basic structure of written expression, Report Form for teaching comprehension strategies, a workshop on Classroom Techniques for Dyslexic Students, and an Early Literacy In-service Course. I have taught students with various learning disabilities including dyslexia for five years in the Austin Independent School District and used both of these methods with success. Last, I have tutored several elementary through high school age students with dyslexia.


I have taught each of my children handwriting, manuscript and cursive, using a series of handwriting books in grades kindergarten through eight grades. In addition, the Alphabetic Phonics / Multisensory Teaching Approach Training of 90 hours included teaching students a multisensory manner of writing, including writing in the air and teaching them the starting position of each letter. Also, I implemented Montessori methods of learning to write letters using materials and methods such as tracing sand letters, making letter shapes in sand, feeling and writing the sandpaper letters on a white board, finger painting the letters, then transferring these multisensory skills to writing on lines on various types of lined paper.