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Ian R.


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Musician trained and practiced in variety of genres

My name is Ian, and I'm a classically trained opera student with a Bachelors and Masters in music. Through my education at both the University of Iowa and the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, I've studied Music Theory and Composition for fun, as well as folk-songwriting. I've composed in various styles, but I prefer choral and string music. About a year and a half ago, I recorded my first solo folk album, and it was released on Itunes and Amazon Music for a short time through "Reverbnati... [more]

Music Theory

Since my undergraduate degree, I've studied theory formally and for fun. For about a year in undergrad, I studied with a great harpsichord professor at the University of Iowa, and there I learned how to read and write figured bass. It gave me a solid understanding of theory, and since then, I've used theory in my opera preparation and choir rehearsals.



Ear Training

In the summers in undergrad, I practiced solfege by sight-reading and learning instrumental parts in full orchestral and oratorio scores. Through much diligence, I've become confident in my skills in my ability to internally hear instruments and intervals within a classical music context, both through conventional keys and atonal practice through the book, Modus Novis. It is an integral part in a musician's arsenal, and I can teach them to hear each note before singing or playing on an instrument.


Guitar was my first instrument, and since the age of seven, I've spent much of my free time continuing this passion. Although I don't have a degree in guitar, my technique and string knowledge comes from my secondary string bass major at the University of Iowa. Basic scale study and finger strength is a strong foundation for any guitarist, and I can teach students these concepts.

Voice (Music)

I've studied classical voice since the age of 15. After six years, I've appeared in Des Moines Metro Opera, Knoxville Opera, Marble City Opera, Kentucky Opera, and Ash Lawn Opera while completing a Bachelors of Music and Masters of Music. As well as my education, I have experience teaching private voice lessons as a teaching assistant and as an adjunct voice teacher at a community college.