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Math, Science and Test Prep Tutor

I am a former educator with three years of experience teaching applied math and biological sciences to middle and high school students in the private sector. I have core content specialties in Algebra, Chemistry and Biology. My teaching knowledge further includes classical in-classroom instruction as well as 4MAT learning that focuses in on a pupil's innate learning abilities to drive comprehension and customize teaching for their learning style. I have experience in organizational and adol... [more]

Algebra 1

As a former educator, I have professional experience teaching and facilitating the learning process as it relates to Algebra. As a tutor, I have integrated both my in-classroom experience and my test taking skill set to a one-on-one environment. This allows students to better comprehend information, as well as curtailing my teaching style to the students learning style and detailing assessment of their challenges. I have a proven track record of students increasing test scores and subject grades, but most importantly a better overall understanding of the subject area.

Algebra 2

Algebra II is an integrated math that I have helped students understand by covering foundational content areas such as linear equations, trigonometry, inequalities, and polynomials. Many of the challenges students encounter comes from the massive amount of information being bridged by this subject. I present this information strategically by ensuring general math is understood.


As my primary major, I have explored the vast content area of the study of life (biology). I have taken a wide range of classes to help support my understanding as well as essential research to re-enforce major concepts. Teaching, tutoring and working in healthcare has allowed me to apply my understanding of life, physical, marine and health sciences as an adult and convey this understanding to students.


Spending countless hours in the laboratory and taking upper level chemistry classes such as: organic and inorganic chemistries and biochemistry has given me a strong foundation in chemistry with a rudimentary understanding. Teaching and tutoring in this subject area has sharpen my skills and enable me to communicate the language of chemistry to students.

Microsoft Excel


I have successfully fostered both improved grades and overall understanding with students in geometry. I use analytics and interpersonal skills to help pinpoint challenge areas and generate personal mastery by supporting previously missed concepts. I recognize that many students struggle in the areas of formula usage and algebraic concepts. I have taught and tutored geometric concepts for over 5 years and have a wealth of knowledge using it in applied mathematics and real-world application. I further have mastery of this area through other math related subjects and physical science integration.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint






SAT Math



SAT Reading



I have become intimately knowledgable of challenges and issues of ASVAB test takers. Over the past two years, I have helped countless individuals overcome the math knowledge, quantitative reasoning, word knowledge and reading comprehension sections of the test, by administering similar assessment to the ASVAB as well as provide test taking techniques and detailed analysis of typical problems asked by the ASVAB. Past students have toppled previous scores by employing my strategies and planned studying for the test.




ACT Reading

ACT English

ACT Science

Elementary Science

Microsoft Outlook

In my professional career, I have used MS Outlook as the primary vehicle for communication, scheduling and organizing various task and duties. In positions where I both received and generated a massive amount of emails, I would classify myself as a high-volume professional user of Outlook. I have held internal training for past employers on the technical use of MS Outlook, in addition to personal and business working knowledge of the software.

Organic Chemistry

As a biology major organic chemistry was foundational in understanding other subject areas of cell and molecular biology, biochemistry and anatomy, all courses that help to solidify my understanding of organic chemistry. In addition, I focused in on this area during time spent studying for the Dental Assessment Test, which dedicates a large portion of the exam to organic chemistry knowledge. I scored in the 70th percentile in this area of the exam.

Common Core

Besides being passionate about foundational math, I have had an immense amount of exposure to it preparing students as well as myself for standardize test and entrance exams. I cover many of the common core concepts as it weighs heavy on higher level math and understanding complex concepts. I have done well with metabolizing major concepts and feeding students vital information for mastery of overlaying themes in math.