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Patient and Experienced Math Tutor

I love to learn, and I love to teach even more. I became a tutor at a community college in 2012. Working at a community college, I realize and understand that most students struggle to make time for studying. As a result, I am very flexible. I graduated from Sinclair College with an Associate's Degree of Liberal Arts and Sciences in 2013 and I have also received an Associate's Degree of Mathematics in 2015. I have received a Bachelor's Degree of Math Education at Wright State University ... [more]

Algebra 1

This is my favorite subject to tutor. I have helped many students to understand how to define a function. I have also helped students learn how to simplify rational expressions with exponents of different signs. I can also help students solve inequalities as well as absolute functions.

Algebra 2

I completed the Math Education Program at Wright State University. I have tutored many students in math, specializing in algebra. I like to show students why conjugates are useful, tricks to factor polynomials, and how to demystify algebraic word problems.


I am constantly challenged with tough calculus questions, so the material is fresh in my mind. I also help students with their calculus homework, so I am always active with integration, arc length, etc. I am especially helpful in partial fraction decomposition, integration by parts, and optimizing area/volume functions. I am also familiar with business calculus.


I love math, but Environmental Engineering was my first major in college. I excelled in both general chemistry courses and have been tutoring chemistry ever since. In my experience,I have found that some of the hardest topics for students to learn is electron configuration, intermolecular forces, and acid-base reactions. I have developed methods that make it much easier to learn these topics.


I have been successful in helping students understand the various theorems of triangle congruence, such as Side-Angle-Side and Hypotenuse-Leg theorems. I especially enjoy teaching ways to prove congruence in general, such as line segments, angles, and triangles. I can also make it easy to understand how to bisect angles and line segments, as well as demonstrating tessellations.


Pre algebra coursework prepares you to face problems with variables and helped you to understand why solving for x is useful. I have helped many students with the order of operations and how to remember them. I can also help identify what is useful in a word problem and how to use the information to isolate a variable.


I have tutored in a math lab where many students come with precalculus questions, such as determining shifts of a graph, finding zeros of polynomials, and applications of trigonometric functions. I have been able to help these students by providing simple answers to difficult questions that are easy to both understand and apply.


I have tutored trigonometry for several years, and I can show students tricks for proving trigonometric equations as well as remembering how to graph trigonometric functions.


The math involved in statistics is mostly beginning and intermediate algebra, but the concepts themselves can be difficult to grasp. One of the most important ideas to understand in a statistics problem is that the numerical "answer" is only half of the solution. The interpretation of that result is just as important. I have tutored students taking various statistics courses for two years. During that time, I have developed easy way to learn the empirical formula, confidence interval estimates, and other common topics found in a statistics class.

SAT Math

I am familiar with all math at the high school level and have been tutoring SAT math since 2014. I have also proctored SAT testing and have led SAT practice sessions in the classroom.


I wrote many papers as a college student, and I had one professor go so far as to say that I should take up a profession that involves writing. I have helped many students proofread, and have many tips that can help students get the best grade possible.


I have served two teacher candidacys in high schools and I have helped students study for the GED in the past. Thus, I am familiar with the material and I know what questions to expect on the test.


ACT Math

Since 2013, I have helped many students prepare for standardized math testing. We have met in small classes, in groups, and in a one on one meeting. The type of math that shows up in the ACT is my specialty, and my students and I have worked together to ensure their success with the test.

Elementary Math

Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra focuses on solving multi-variable problems using matrices. I have tutored several subjects that involve using linear algebra, including finite math, engineering calculus, and elementary linear algebra. As a student, I have taken linear algebra as well as two abstract algebra classes.


As a math education, I have taken many proof-based math classes. These include abstract algebra, hyperbolic geometry, real variables, and proofs itself. I have helped students with True/False tables, logic statements and strings, and Boolean algebra. I can also help students learn how to efficiently use existential and universal quantifiers.

Finite Math

I recently obtained a Bachelor's Degree of Math Education. Finite math covers a wide variety of mathematical concepts including, but not limited to, algebra, business, and other real-world applications. I can explain how do reduce matrices to upper echelon form as well as develop and solve systems of equations for a real world application. In addition, I can also help you understand business functions involving compound interest and continuous interest.


I am very familiar with the Accuplacer test and the material that it covers. I have several years experience tutoring students in a lab setting who were preparing to take a math placement test. I also held group and individual sessions specifically for math placement. We used study guides as well as online resources to ensure that we covered every topic necessary to be ready for the test.