Courtney M.

Courtney M.


Smithville, MO 64089

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$40 per hour.

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Music Lessons; Academic Tutoring

Hello! My name is Courtney. I own a small violin studio in Smithville, MO. Lessons offered through my studio include violin/fiddle, viola, and cello as well as tutoring general music, music theory, and music appreciation. I have played the violin since the age of six and had private lessons through college. I have experience playing in orchestras, small ensembles, and as a solo musician. My repertoire includes a variety of classical, baroque, folk, and religious music. I also have an underg... [more]

Music Theory

As a violinist, I have had extensive training in music theory, and I provide theory lessons as part of the curriculum in my studio. I believe the best way to learn music theory is within the context of an instrument, but too often theory is treated as something purely academic that can be separated from musical performance.






ACT Reading

ACT English

ACT Math

I have been tutoring ACT math since I took the ACT myself. I start with a practice test and an interview to identify specific topics we need to learn or improve before the test, and I also offer general test-taking strategies. Developing a plan to move forward is an ongoing process. I recommend at least an hour a week of ACT tutoring beginning about six months before the test date. Cram sessions closer to the test date are an option but are not as effective. A note about math tutoring, in general: math builds on previous concepts, and each passing year brings new ideas for teaching math and new methods for approaching the same problem. I might do things differently than the teacher or professor. If so, I will learn the way the student does it at school to prevent confusion, but for this reason, I need to know the specific topics in advance. If it?s fourth grade math, for example, are you learning fractions, geometry, or something else? I don?t guarantee immediate results. Catching up to grade-level expectations is a long process once a student has fallen behind. You probably will continue to struggle with tests and homework for awhile. It doesn?t mean the tutoring isn?t working. Also, tutoring once a week is not likely to be effective for a student who is failing. The student really needs help with every assignment until they catch up.

ACT Science

Ear Training

I have played the violin for most of my life. The violin is an instrument that requires extensive ear training, which means I have spent most of my life training and protecting my ears. Finger placement on the violin requires one to be able to hear the correct pitch. I also studied sight-singing in high school, in preparation for state choir contests.


I have learned to play the piano as part of my music education. I am primarily a violinist and have studied music for my entire life. I teach piano using Faber (Piano Adventures). I will teach music and movement that includes piano instruction, beginners ages 5-14, and anyone who just wants to study piano for theory or as it relates to their primary instrument. For example, I can teach a violinist how to tune and how to play a melody on piano so they know what pitches they are aiming for on the violin, and I can use the piano keyboard to help someone who plays a different instrument understand chords. However, if you are interested in pursuing the piano beyond a beginner level, you need an instructor with more experience than I have, possibly a degree in piano. I will gladly direct you to one if and when the time comes, which will likely be at the end of the Faber books if you wish to continue beyond that. Lessons are $20/half-hour.


I have played the violin since 1992. My secondary instruments are viola, cello, and piano. I own a violin studio and have significant teaching and performing experience. I am also a member of the American String Teaching Association and the Suzuki Association of the Americas, although I don?t consider myself a Suzuki teacher. I provide live online lessons supplemented with videos. I will accept violin students as young as age three. Younger students will need help from a parent in both lessons and practice.


I have an MBA and operate my own business, a violin studio in Smithville, MO.


I have an MBA from Colorado Christian University and own my own business. Marketing is by far the one task associated with my business that requires the most time, effort, and focus.