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Expert in R Programming and Statistics

Hi! My name is Charlie, and I am here to work with you to help you succeed in statistics and mathematics I am a Statistician by profession and have worked in the Statistics Industry for over thirty years. This includes being a college professor, working for IBM, SPSS , and SAS Corporation. I have been fortunate enough to be academically trained by one of the very best academic establishments in the world (New York University - Courant Institute) , then working directly for SPSS and SAS . I ... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 2



I have taught trig based pre calc for many years. This includes tutoring in all the trig functions, and carefully explaining the concepts of limit including those of polynomials and other algebraic functions. I also explain the concept of limit applied to trig functions, and introduce the concepts and definition of derivative both graphically and by way of definition.



I have been teaching /tutoring students both online and Face to Face for 15 years I worked directly for both SPSS and SAS too. I have tutored and taught students in undergrad statistics including descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, time series and categorical data analysis

SAT Math


I have over twenty years experience teaching/ tutoring and working with SPSS and SAS as a consultant on corporate projects. I can also program in SPSS and SAS procedural languages.


I have taught propability at both the undergraduate and graduate level for many, many years

ACT Math

Elementary Math

Discrete Math

I have taught Discrete Math in conjunction with Computer Applications for over 4 years. This has included several applications to Discrete Financial Math, matrix applications and computer applications

Differential Equations

I have taught and tutored Ordinary Differential Equations at the undergraduate level for 3 years. This includes the integration of ODE with Linear Algebra, and forming numerical solutions to systems of ODE. ODE is taught as an integrated approach with applications in physics and chemistry


I am and have programmed and taught SAS for over 15 years at the college level, and have also worked directly for SAS Corporation for over five years.

Actuarial Science

I worked in the Property Casualty Profession for 5 years for a very large actuarial consulting firm (Alexander and Alexander insurance). Additionally I have completed several actuarial exams sponsored by the Society of Actuaries. Finally, I teach probability and statistics at New York University and have offered prep courses for the first three exams at University of North Florida


My Masters Degree from New York University is in Mathematics and Statistics. The Statistics Component includes BioStatistics. I have taught Statistics to Biology and premedical Students for many years. I am fully fluent in Logistic Regression and other components of Bio Statistics, and especially enjoy teaching this subject.

Computer Programming

I have been a computer programmer and analyst for over 25 years I program in C, C++, Fortran, MATLAB, Basic and SAS and SPSS My application exppertise is financial and statistics and have worked in industry in NYC and Boston I have tutored in all of these languages and classroom taught for over 20 years

Linear Algebra

I hold a MS in Mathematics and have been teaching Calculus and Linear Algebra for over 15 years at the community college and 4 year university level. I am very familiar with all the concepts and applications , including the use of matrices, up to the basics of Functional Analysis


I have taught both Intro to Logic for Liberal Arts Majors, and Intro to Mathematical Logic for 8 years at the College Level. Additional qualifications include a minor in philosophy at the undergraduate level, and papers written that address the automation of syllogisms.


I have been using MATLAB for Linear Algebra, Differential Equations and Algebra 2 and research for over 20 years. I have MATLAB on my desktop and Laptop Computers and use it for teaching, tutoring and writing algorithms. I am very comfortable in using the product for its built in functions and writing scripts. I have been a H.S and College Professor for over 25 years.

Finite Math

As a College Math Professor I have taught and also tutored Finite Mathematics on 6 different terms during he past 8 years at different university campuses. Finite Math is typically offered and required for non math and physical science, but is very relevant in social science. I have taught the subject at UNF and Florida State College as well as New York University.


I have programmed in R using the scripting language for over 10 years. I am a professional software applications engineer that specializes in statistical applications, interfacing to SPSS and Fortran. I teach Statistics at the college level. I use R for applications development interfacing to a variety of Statistical testing.